For the most part, the wedding photography season in San Luis Obispo is over, now giving me time to go back and update my blog for the weddings, engagement sessions, family, baby and high school senior portrait sessions I have done this year. It is great to relive the great times, couples and their families and reflect on what a blessed year it has been. For every client I work for – I feel like so much has been added to my life – either by the new relationship I have in my life, experiencing the joy’s, laughs, challenges and even some of the dramas  that come with every wedding or shoot.   I am also continually learing new things in life, photography, weddings and dealing with people in general. Life is a constant learning process and embracing that fact is exciting!

Ondrej and Nicia were married at The Sea Pines Resort in Los Osos, California bordering the souther tip of Morro Bay.  The staff at the Sea Pines Resort worked very hard to make everything just right for Ondrej and Nicia. It is a beautiful place for wedding photography and a great privilege to be their photographer. There was no shortage of excitement, fun times and photographs I want to share. As with every blog posting, I have to limit the number of photos I can share here – just picking the ones that touch me the most or I find most interesting…or think you will.  So let’s get to it!           San Luis Obispo Photographers

I make no apologies – I love flowers. The are nothing short of miraculous.  I will never cease to be amazed at these gorgeous, detailed and delicate creations. Keep in mind these are not just any flowers. These are Ondrej and Nicia’s wedding day flowers!    Like a fingerprint, flowers are different at every wedding, whether it is how they are arranged, what other flowers they are arranged with, the backgrounds they find them self in, the lighting and of course  with what angle and composition I choose to photography them with. To me it is a new adventure ever wedding as I seek to capture, preserve and display these miracles for my clients to look back on!  I hope to have the opportunity to photograph your wedding flowers!

Los Osos  Wedding Photographers 01

Just absolutely amazing when you think about these things growing out of the soil.  I can’t help but find them to be evidence of the existence of God!

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers 03

Central Coast Wedding Photographers 02

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 04

Ring shots are also big on my list. With the bride and groom’s cooperation and with time allowing, I like to show up at least an hour early so I can have some quality time with the rings, shoes, flowers and other important items. Extra hours spent on your wedding day are no concern to me – at all!  I want to get special images of these stunning objects for you (my clients) to enjoy and to enhance the telling of your wedding day love story through photography.  It’s not uncommon for a bride, groom, bridal party or family member to shockingly find me in another room, on a patio or outside on my knees or stomach photographing these little detail shots with my specialized macro lens.  It’s always a kick in the pants for me to hear their dismay as well as their reporting back to the bride or whoever in the next room:  “oh my…the photographer is on the ground photographing the rings!”….or…”what in the world is he doing?”    I love it!  Of course I love it even more when one of those people emails or calls after they have seen the wedding photographs and says: “WOW – I see now what you were doing”.

Wedding Rings San Luis Obispo Photographer 08

Atascadero Wedding Photographers 05

Atascadero Wedding Photographers 06

Cayucos Wedding Photographers 07

There are plenty of other detail shots to be found on your wedding day and sometimes I never know how much significance each item may have. It could be something passed down from a cherished loved one who has passed away. It may be an item given to you by  your beloved. I like how this shot shows just enough of the brides dress and hair to put it into context.

Morro Bay Wedding Photographers 09

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 10

San Luis Obispo Photographers

Santa Maria Wedding Photographers 11

Another really fun thing to be able to do is to get some shots of the bride (and groom if wanted) getting ready. There’s always a excitement in the air of the anticipation of such a big and important day. Often times everyone is having fun and being silly or on the other hand sometimes people are serious or even stressed. Regardless, it’s all part of your wedding day story and my passion is to capture it.   Maybe you’ve don’t want to have your “getting ready” documented. Give it some it some consideration – you might like it!   However, if it’s not for you – no worries, it is certainly not required and there will be plenty of other opportunities and moments that will tell your story.

SLO Wedding Photographer 12

San Luis Wedding Photographers 13

Oh do I enjoy a shot like this(below). One of my assistants captured this groom unaware – studying his wedding vows before the big moment. I wish I could read the words on the paper…but I guess some mystery is good – right! Think of how special it will be for this couple, their family, even grandchildren to see this – decades from now.

Sea Pines Wedding Photographers 14

Children are thee most amazing creations of all, wouldn’t you agree? In them we see a unique reflection of God: their innocence, their pure joy and laughter, their warmth, their stunning beauty, cuteness and even their willingness to quickly forgive. Yet at times, on another level, at we see a reflection of ourselves as well: their childishness, their moodiness, their frailty, silliness, their lack of wisdom and even their mischievousness!   I really appreciate JFK’s famous quote about children: “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” Speaking of children this beautiful little flower girl just loved the camera and stole the show. Amazing in so many ways – her smile, eyes and attitude in the photographs speak for themselves.

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 15

Look at this precious little one’s eyes! What are they saying? Possibly…”What is that thing you are pointing at me?” or could it be: “Hi there Mr. Photographer, how are you today?”…or maybe “Hey give me some personal space man!” Whatever the case is, when I see that little face and those big eyes – all of life’s struggles and problems just seem to fade right away.

San Luis Obispo Photographers 16

Well, here the flower girl is again just basking in the attention of the audience and enjoying every single second of it! To top it off – proud mother looking on left of the flower girl in the white dress!

San Luis Obispo Photographer 17

(Below) You’ll notice that as this bride and her father come down the aisle, this photograph is taken from up above the ceremony. This brings an interesting facet of your wedding photography into play. Most ceremonies today are relatively short. Added to this fact, I can only be in one place at one time photographing your wedding (I know…big shock). Now, depending on the package you opt for a second photographer may be included. However, even with a nice perch to shoot from, sometimes it is not most advantageous to have the second shooter in such a remote location where he or she will only be able to get a few unique shots while potentially missing a couple dozen great ones down close to the action…for example during the brides entrance.     In some situations a great alternative is available to me  – giving weight to why it pays to have at least three cameras to shoot with (I carry 2 on me personally almost all the time).  For this ceremony my third camera is set on the overlooking balcony with a remote triggering device. This allows me to shoot from the prime vantage point – down the center aisle (you can’t see me because I am kneeled down in this particular photo). My assistant is at the second best vantage point which was on the large grassy area behind the audience (he’s been photoshopped out). So while we are capturing the bride coming down the aisle from two angles on ground level, a remotely triggered camera is at the same time capturing the panoramic view from the above balcony above. Three different viewpoints at once! This is not always possible due to the differing physical layout of each wedding, but it is a great option to be able to offer my clients when the opportunity is there.

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography 19

One of my favorite shots of every ceremony is the bride and father coming down the aisle. It’s her grand entrance, the bride and father are often very emotional, the bride is beaming with beauty and the audience is full of anticipation! Again, thinking not only to the present, but years down the road the importance of such a shot is quite profound.

San Luis Obispo Photography 18

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers 20

Real moments, nothing beats them.  The shot above and below both capture the very essence of what I am most after: Real moments, authentic expression that is full of life, emotion and reality. The eyes, the smiles….those unique looks that a couple has with each other on the biggest day of their lives. They can look at these wedding photographs and quite possible recall that exact moment and accompanying thoughts. I just really love the below image. Right after making their way back down the aisle and the audience’s cheers just having quieted, barely hidden from the audiences view – the couple steals a quite moment to themselves. The grooms arms tightly embracing his now wife and her eyes speaking volumes!   San Luis Obispo Photographers

Los Osos Wedding Venues 24

San Luis Obispo Weddings 25

(Above) The congratulations begin, capturing the celebration and gift of love that family and friends bring. Below, the mother of the groom is caught with joyful tears for her now married – cherished son. This is what I love, this is why I do what I do. This is why I give it my all each and every wedding – moments like these. Your moments.

Photographers in San Luis Obispo 26

People often ask me what my style of wedding photography is. I love variety so it is impossible to condense my style to one thing or one formula. But part of my style I would be similar to how I would describe this photo: Simplicity, isolation, energy, connection, vibrance.

Los Osos Wedding Photographery 27

(Below) Simplicity, isolation, connection.

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 28

Fun, energy, expression, fun.

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 29

The couples first dance is always one of my favorite opportunities as well. It’s their first moment to relax a little bit while at the same time embracing, sharing a moment.  I often times feel like I can sense in part – what they are saying to each other: “We did it, we made it, were here….I love you…I will love you forever…I am here for you!”

ProImage Weddings Photography 30

Is the look on this girl priceless or what?  If it doesn’t make you smile – check your self for a pulse! : ) I just wish I could remember what exactly was causing her to react like that?    I hope it wasn’t how I was dressed?!

Trent Buckle of ProImage Weddings Photography 31

Here (below) the same girl who was so exuberant above – steals a quite moment alone…just her and the cake. The thought and words they shared  we will never know…but if I had to guess….”Some day I will have a wedding and I will have the biggest most beautiful cake ever and it will be all MINE!”

Wedding Cakes San Luis Obispo 34

Turning of my main flashes I just wanted to capture the specialized lighting provided by Kramer Entertainment – a very reputable DJ company here on the Central Coast. They have quite a bit to offer in addition to the DJ’ing – in terms of specialized lighting for your reception venue.

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 32

Just when you think you’ve seen it all as a wedding photographer, you are proven such is not the case. Alcohol can contribute to people doing strange things…and well…let’s just say this guy had his fair share of drinks…when he made his “grand entrance” into the after party. Not to worry if you or someone at your wedding does something they don’t want the world to know it won’t be on my blog. However, in this case there is no doubt this character will be quite stoked that his little stunt made to my blog.

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 35

Have you ever seen someone who had such a unique look that you just wanted to share it with others. Well – this guy – is that guy – for me. Full suite and tie, army green M.A.S.H. beanie, full beard and a great expression to boot. I love it.

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 33

Specialized off camera flashes allow me to shoot far after the sun goes down and create some unique shots. This shot was actually taken on the putting green about 50-75 feet from the tented reception area you see in the back ground. We were standing in pitch, pitch, pitch black darkness – so much so that I was having to fire my flashes just so I could see where I was and was never sure if I was aiming my camera at the couple or a tree or what!? With one flash behind the couple, one to camera left and one to camera right – we were able to get this.

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 36

As the night wore down to an end, I had one more shot I wanted to get as this old London type phone booth was just too great to pass up. Again, the ability to have a multitude of remote flashes was crucial.

Los Osos Wedding Photographers 37

Every once in a while a little photoshop enhancement will seem like a good fit.  For the most part I like to keep everything very natural with minimal alterations. However, there’s a time and place for everything.  What are your thoughts?   San Luis Obispo Photographers

San Luis Obispo Photographers 39

Simplicity, isolation, movement.

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers 38

…And They Lived Happily Every After…

Congrats Ondrej and Nicia!

Thanks for taking a peek at just a few of the photographs/memories of this wedding and listening to my musings. I hope it has been insightful. I appreciate any feedback you can offer – good or bad. Feel free to use the comment section or send me an email.



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The old blog was just too limited and because I like things just right I’ve upgraded to this new blog. It’s great for wedding photography. The pictures are bigger, a multitude of customizations, the viewing experience – just all around better. All year I’ve been backlogged with weddings and the post production process that follows each one  – unable to even post to my blog. I also wanted to wait until I birthed this new blog….and now that it’s been born and the wedding season begins to wind down in the next month or two – I hope to be able to post a handful of my favorite photographs from each wedding or portrait shoot that I’ve done this year.        P.S. Now is the perfect time to book your wedding for next year as spots are beginning to fill up.  Please feel free to set up an appointment to come by the studio for a free consultation and to look at wedding albums and discuss your engagement session and wedding day photography!



Here’s just a few shots to put up until I get to posting.

I love sunset shots. They make for great silhouettes for starters. However, as an added bonus I now have an extensive off camera flash system which makes all kinds of night time photography possible…something that most couples don’t usually think of – and an option that not all photographers can offer. This opens up a whole new genre of more dramatic – wedding, engagement and portrait photography. I’m really excited to shoot more couples or individual portraits at night – whether down town with all kinds of cool background buildings and lights or like this shot with beautiful water, clouds/sky, sunset, etc. One thing for couples to think about however – is braving the cold in such situations. If you’re game I am too.  The possibilities are endless though!
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer at Pismo Beach 6

Engagement shoots are just fun! It’s great to get to know the couple and be able to shoot with no rush or crazy time line. It’s also great to be able to work so much variety into the photo shoot. I always like to capture anything that has energy, motion and life to it. Not everyone is into a jumping shot, but I think it’s just fun!
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer at Avila Beach

Capturing something different is super cool too. Typically as a photographer you are trying to isolate your subjects, remove distractions, get your couple alone. However, if you’re photographing a wedding at Avila Beach on Labor day weekend – surrounded by 1000’s of people, that’s not going to happen for every shot. This scene is just so out of place I love it – a bride and groom in their wedding attire walking down a beach with onlookers all around them, some looking with deep interest and some completely unaware of the couple or the wedding photography taking place.    Yes, I just had to add some imaginary comments in there….I couldn’t resist!
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography at Avila Beach 2b

Capturing real moments.  Check out the look on this brides face – it doesn’t get more real than that.  Possibly the most outrageous, real, moving expression I’ve captured to date!  I literally can’t look at her expression with out laughing out loud. I just love it…and the great thing is I had nothing to do with making it happen…I just had the privilege of capturing this moment – one they will have the rest of their lives to enjoy.  Simply priceless!

ProImage Weddings 1

Another real moment captured forever. It’s wonderful when a man loves a woman so much he is willing to express emotion in public.
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer in Atascadero

At a wedding there is beauty all around – from the obvious things like the relationships, the children, the bride and groom preparing to make their vows…but also in the little details of the day….the flowers, the shoes, the dress, the invitations, the table settings…right down to the rings that symbolize the never ending love two people share for each other. For these I use a special macro lens that allows for a detailed close up that fills the picture.
San Luis Obsipo Senior Portrait Photographer 1

San Luis Obispo Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer 1Morro Bay Wedding Photographer 1

You may recognize this couple from the jumping one a number of pictures back. You’ll see a lot more of them (Casey and Candace) later…once they pick out their 40 favorites from the almost 300 they have to choose from. We had an engagement shoot just a couple of weeks ago at Avila Beach. The fog was beginning to roll in, but we had a ton of fun anyway. Their wedding is this weekend and I just wanted to grab one shot of them just to put up.Avila Beach Engagement Photographer-1

Absolutely stunning and happy/glowing bride – eyes glued on her groom – happy father giving her away. What a beautiful moment. John and Breana married at the Shore Cliff Inn and I can’t wait to post their photos once I’m done working on them!
Pismo Beach Wedding Photography-1

John and Breana married at the Shore Cliff Lodge in Pismo Beach. It was a real privilege to be their wedding photographer. I’m itching to blog their wedding photos along with many other weddings and engagements – and hope to do so soon. However, until then I wanted to share this one that I recently just added a little special effect to. The original is so gorgeous I’m not sure I like this one better, but whatever the case it is fun to put a different spin on it.
Pismo Beach Wedding Photographer 4

Casey and Candace had a beautiful wedding at an amazing private residence in Arroyo Grande. I felt so blessed that they had chosen me to be their wedding photographer. We did their engagement shoot less than a month before their wedding. It’s couples like these two that make me feel so fortunate that I am a wedding photographer. Quickly scanning through the photographs I just pulled out one that I thought I could put up until I get caught up with my blogging.San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer 11B

Ironically a week later I was shooting at another private residence and with another bride named Candice. Candice and Abel are one of the nicest couples I have ever been hired by, to be their wedding photographer. I must admit at times it seems I find myself “oh – this couple was so nice” – I can’t help but feel that way when a couple goes so far out of their way to make me feel welcome and appreciated. The venue was a dream for a wedding photographer and we were all hoping for a great sunset. I find that many couples choose me as their wedding photographer because, like me, they really appreciate sunsets – especially in their wedding photographs. Quite honestly, as the sun was going down it looked like it might be a mediocre sunset – or be blocked by the marine layer completely. We were at an Arroyo Grande location that often times sits above the marine layer and fog – giving no view of the sunset. However, all of a sudden it began to blossom…until a flood of guests and myself headed for the one spot with the prime view of the sunset!San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer 20

One of my passions as a wedding photographer is to capture something unique and different. So when the bride noticed a hand gun on the dresser in the private Arroyo Grande residence in which she was getting ready and being married at – I was very excited at the opportunity to use it as a prop. Lots of fun – as was this great bride and her groom! Props are always great and I encourage all couples to considering using some that might spice up their wedding photography.

San Luis Obispo Photographer 19

San Luis Obispo Photographers


Zack and Katharine are an AMAZING couple. Fun, respectful and most of all in love with each other.  I saw this first during our engagement session.  Zack cared for Katharine in such a visible and moving way.  Just the way he helped her, the way he held her…    You could just see it in his eyes…well you could see it in both of their eyes to be sure  – the way they stared at each other and embraced.  So awesome!    Their wedding was held at the Sea Crest Resort in Pismo Beach. It’s a great venue and especially nice because it has beach access right down the back.    The reception was at  F. McClintocks just a few minutes away.  Del from Entertainment Now was the DJ (he is a great DJ always there early; two sets of equipment – one for the ceremony – one for the reception – and he’ll take sound systems down on the beach when needed).  The whole day was very very enjoyable thanks to Zack and Katharine’s great attitudes, their intimate wedding and great family and friends.   It’s couples like this that make my job as a wedding and portrait photographer sweeeeeeeeet!

Well as usually there are way to many photographs that I want to share.  But time and space limit me.  So here are the ones that made the cut for one reason or another.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 01

Katharine had a friend of hers do her make up.  You’ll meet this friend’s cute poodle, who got to enjoy the wedding day as well, in a few pictures from now.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 02

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 04

Every wedding I stumble across some amazing flowers.  This one in particular caught my eye. Just look at it – isn’t it amazing all the wonderful things God created for us. Wow!

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 06

The Sea Crest ceremony site.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 07

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers atSea Crest Resort 05

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 03

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 21

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 23

Sure there are lots of other pictures of Katharine and Zack, but the ones I like most and enjoy sharing are the ones that express real and sincere emotion.  As I look at this picture of Katharine there is no doubt or question in my mind that her smile is legit!   So real is her emotion in this photo that as I look at it I just can’t help from smiling!   Katharine YOU have an amazing smile!      San Luis Obispo Photographers

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 22

In the same way I really love this picture of  Zack.  Why?  Because not only do I think he looks handsome in this picture, but  more importantly this photograph captured one true aspect of who Zack is. He’s not trying to be a comedian, he’s not trying to crack some cheesy fake smile – he is just looking at the camera bearing one sincere aspect of his personality.  As I see it, that is what my job as a san luis obispo photographer involves – to capture what is there – who you are as a person. I can’t produce something in you that is not already there. However, I can help bring out what is there.  For that reason I smile at this photograph.  It is sincerely Zack: serious, respectful, intelligent and kind.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 24

In the course of a wedding day there are many moments that are posed…or at least where I “help people along” with an idea or two.  However, it’s the shots that are purely natural and “photojournalistic” that more and more present more enjoyment and value to me as a San Luis Obispo photographer, like this one below.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 17

Happy, happy, happy – the joy on their faces makes me happy!

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort18

Zack and his brother share a little moment of harassing each other….well…actually it was just Zack’s brother harassing him.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 40

Kids, kids, kids….you just can’t beat photos of kids!   Put a couple of kids on the beach and they are in an – “instant wonderland”!

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 38

This little guy definitely get’s cutest child of the day award.  Heck  – he might be up for the running of all of 2009.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 37

Well, I can’t say I am a big fan of pets at weddings (usually the people are a handful enough to deal with – ha!).  However, this little guy  (or girl I’m not sure) sure looks content to be “chill’en” at the foot of his/her master.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 39

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 15

One of my favorite genres of photographs are the simple gazes between the bride and groom.    You can just see that love.  Let’s call it the “love look” eh?

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 11

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 13

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 12

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort14

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 08

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 16

I had to jump very high to get this one.   :  )     Who says white men can’t jump.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resor 19

Again, too many photos to be able to share as many as I would like on this blog.  However, it’s the cute little look that both of them have for each other that got me on this one.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 25

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 26

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 28

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 20

Me and my assistant had the honor of sitting with this couple and some other friends of Zack and Katharine’s.  I can’t remember what was so funny, but whatever it is – this photograph is still bringing me happiness.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 36

Priceless:  The groom and his mother share a joyous moment.

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 32

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Sea Crest Resort 29

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Santa Barbara 09

I’m not sure I have ever seen parents of the bride or groom get out and shake it as much as Katherine’s did.  Lots of fun!

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at San Luis Obispo 33

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Santa Maria 34

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Morro Bay 5

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Paso Robles 31

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Atascadero 30

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Los Osos

Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers at Nipomo 27

Thanks Zack and Katharine – and may your relationship continue to be filled with joy, giving and love!

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