Don and Tiffany’s Wedding. Mariners Church. Irvine. California

Don and Tiffany are a delightful couple. Tiffany is one of the most kind, thoughtful clients I have ever had. It was fun to joke around with them as we did this shoot. Both of them were more than game to try whatever came to mind. We got a bit of a late start but were all determined to make the best of it.

We met at Don’s house and then headed out to the Laguna Niguel Regional Park. After that we made our way to Newport Beach Marina to shoot a few night shots.

It got a little chilly and we were all a bit hungry. Don and Tiffany invited me back to their place to join them for dinner and I gladly accepted. This gave us a chance to further get to know each other and discuss their upcoming wedding. The food, fellowship and laughter were great! Nothing beats a hard days work followed but great food and laughter! Thank you Don and Tiffany!

Laguna Beach Engagement Photographers -001

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Only a few weeks after the engagement session it was time for Don and Tiffany’s wedding. The location was the beautiful Mariners Church Campus in Irvine. Mariners is mega church and the main facility they use for there services is gigantic. It would be like getting married in Dodger Stadium. On the sprawling church campus though, they had just built this smaller chapel for more intimate affairs. It was the perfect size and environment for Don and Tiffany’s wedding. The Chapel is just gorgeous combining stone and other gorgeous features with the natural effect of wood beams and a traditional spire pointing to the heavens.

Mariners Church Irvine -01

Is this little guy cute or what!!  What a show stealer!

Mariners Church Irvine -15

Mariners Church Irvine -09

Mariners Church Irvine -25

Mariners Church Irvine -24 (1)

This might not be one of the bride’s favorite shots, but it is mine. It’s a real moment and a ton of fun. I think a shot like this will help the bride remember all the fun and chaos before the wedding. I look at this shot and every time – I just smile.

Mariners  Church Irvine -02

Tiffany is so much fun (as represented above). However, she is also a wonderful woman of faith. Preparing for her big moment before family, friends, her fiance and most of all God – it was really touching when all joined together for this special moment of prayer. I cautiously snapped just a few photos trying to balance between not disrespecting such a sacred time – yet wanting to preserve such a moment for Don and Tiffany – knowing they would value tremendously in the future.

Mariners Church Irvine -03

I feel so blessed as a wedding photographer to get to photograph the most beautiful children in the world.

Mariners Church Irvine -14

Mariners Church Irvine (1)

Mariners Church Irvine -22

Mariners Church Irvine -20

Mariners Church Irvine -19

Mariners Church Irvine -17

Mariners Church Irvine -08

Mariners Church Irvine

Mariners Church Irvine -005
Mariners Church Irvine -23

Mariners church Irvine -06

Mariners Church Irvine -07

Mariners Church Irvine -11

From the church we headed to the beautiful Crystal Cove Beach. There were a good number of people on the beach and the tide was fairly high – which made things more challenging. However, it was really fun and especially for much of the bridal party since they live in States with no beach.

Mariners Church Irvine -16

Mariners Church Irvine -10

Mariners Church Irvine -12

Mariners Church Irvine -113

Yes, I realize that a cactus is not normal wedding photography material. However, I just could resist photographing and now sharing this interesting “plant”.

Mariners Church Irvine 26

From the beach we headed to a Korean BBQ restaurant for the reception. This was quite different from the norm – but I really enjoyed it. In fact, I am really salivating just thinking about it!! Unfortunately, I will have to cut it short and save those photos for another time. It was super good! The cake was delicious as well!

Mariners Church Irvine -24

It is only fitting to come to a close with the second to last picture being that of another little angel!

Mariners Church Irvine -13

Mariners Church Irvine  23

One of the wonderful things about being a wedding photographer is that I get to work for and meet so many great people. Even months after the wedding Don and Tiffany continue to send me emails from time to time and we stay in touch. My life has been added to by knowing these two and I surely hope that I have added something to theirs as well.

Thanks again Don and Tiffany and I look forward to continuing to stay in touch!

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