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The old blog was just too limited and because I like things just right I’ve upgraded to this new blog. It’s great for wedding photography. The pictures are bigger, a multitude of customizations, the viewing experience – just all around better. All year I’ve been backlogged with weddings and the post production process that follows each one  – unable to even post to my blog. I also wanted to wait until I birthed this new blog….and now that it’s been born and the wedding season begins to wind down in the next month or two – I hope to be able to post a handful of my favorite photographs from each wedding or portrait shoot that I’ve done this year.        P.S. Now is the perfect time to book your wedding for next year as spots are beginning to fill up.  Please feel free to set up an appointment to come by the studio for a free consultation and to look at wedding albums and discuss your engagement session and wedding day photography!



Here’s just a few shots to put up until I get to posting.

I love sunset shots. They make for great silhouettes for starters. However, as an added bonus I now have an extensive off camera flash system which makes all kinds of night time photography possible…something that most couples don’t usually think of – and an option that not all photographers can offer. This opens up a whole new genre of more dramatic – wedding, engagement and portrait photography. I’m really excited to shoot more couples or individual portraits at night – whether down town with all kinds of cool background buildings and lights or like this shot with beautiful water, clouds/sky, sunset, etc. One thing for couples to think about however – is braving the cold in such situations. If you’re game I am too.  The possibilities are endless though!
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer at Pismo Beach 6

Engagement shoots are just fun! It’s great to get to know the couple and be able to shoot with no rush or crazy time line. It’s also great to be able to work so much variety into the photo shoot. I always like to capture anything that has energy, motion and life to it. Not everyone is into a jumping shot, but I think it’s just fun!
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer at Avila Beach

Capturing something different is super cool too. Typically as a photographer you are trying to isolate your subjects, remove distractions, get your couple alone. However, if you’re photographing a wedding at Avila Beach on Labor day weekend – surrounded by 1000’s of people, that’s not going to happen for every shot. This scene is just so out of place I love it – a bride and groom in their wedding attire walking down a beach with onlookers all around them, some looking with deep interest and some completely unaware of the couple or the wedding photography taking place.    Yes, I just had to add some imaginary comments in there….I couldn’t resist!
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography at Avila Beach 2b

Capturing real moments.  Check out the look on this brides face – it doesn’t get more real than that.  Possibly the most outrageous, real, moving expression I’ve captured to date!  I literally can’t look at her expression with out laughing out loud. I just love it…and the great thing is I had nothing to do with making it happen…I just had the privilege of capturing this moment – one they will have the rest of their lives to enjoy.  Simply priceless!

ProImage Weddings 1

Another real moment captured forever. It’s wonderful when a man loves a woman so much he is willing to express emotion in public.
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer in Atascadero

At a wedding there is beauty all around – from the obvious things like the relationships, the children, the bride and groom preparing to make their vows…but also in the little details of the day….the flowers, the shoes, the dress, the invitations, the table settings…right down to the rings that symbolize the never ending love two people share for each other. For these I use a special macro lens that allows for a detailed close up that fills the picture.
San Luis Obsipo Senior Portrait Photographer 1

San Luis Obispo Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer 1Morro Bay Wedding Photographer 1

You may recognize this couple from the jumping one a number of pictures back. You’ll see a lot more of them (Casey and Candace) later…once they pick out their 40 favorites from the almost 300 they have to choose from. We had an engagement shoot just a couple of weeks ago at Avila Beach. The fog was beginning to roll in, but we had a ton of fun anyway. Their wedding is this weekend and I just wanted to grab one shot of them just to put up.Avila Beach Engagement Photographer-1

Absolutely stunning and happy/glowing bride – eyes glued on her groom – happy father giving her away. What a beautiful moment. John and Breana married at the Shore Cliff Inn and I can’t wait to post their photos once I’m done working on them!
Pismo Beach Wedding Photography-1

John and Breana married at the Shore Cliff Lodge in Pismo Beach. It was a real privilege to be their wedding photographer. I’m itching to blog their wedding photos along with many other weddings and engagements – and hope to do so soon. However, until then I wanted to share this one that I recently just added a little special effect to. The original is so gorgeous I’m not sure I like this one better, but whatever the case it is fun to put a different spin on it.
Pismo Beach Wedding Photographer 4

Casey and Candace had a beautiful wedding at an amazing private residence in Arroyo Grande. I felt so blessed that they had chosen me to be their wedding photographer. We did their engagement shoot less than a month before their wedding. It’s couples like these two that make me feel so fortunate that I am a wedding photographer. Quickly scanning through the photographs I just pulled out one that I thought I could put up until I get caught up with my blogging.San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer 11B

Ironically a week later I was shooting at another private residence and with another bride named Candice. Candice and Abel are one of the nicest couples I have ever been hired by, to be their wedding photographer. I must admit at times it seems I find myself “oh – this couple was so nice” – I can’t help but feel that way when a couple goes so far out of their way to make me feel welcome and appreciated. The venue was a dream for a wedding photographer and we were all hoping for a great sunset. I find that many couples choose me as their wedding photographer because, like me, they really appreciate sunsets – especially in their wedding photographs. Quite honestly, as the sun was going down it looked like it might be a mediocre sunset – or be blocked by the marine layer completely. We were at an Arroyo Grande location that often times sits above the marine layer and fog – giving no view of the sunset. However, all of a sudden it began to blossom…until a flood of guests and myself headed for the one spot with the prime view of the sunset!San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer 20

One of my passions as a wedding photographer is to capture something unique and different. So when the bride noticed a hand gun on the dresser in the private Arroyo Grande residence in which she was getting ready and being married at – I was very excited at the opportunity to use it as a prop. Lots of fun – as was this great bride and her groom! Props are always great and I encourage all couples to considering using some that might spice up their wedding photography.

San Luis Obispo Photographer 19

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