I had been concerned about the weather for this engagement session. It was looking like it might be an overcast or even rainy day. Overcast days provide great light on the subjects. However, for this shoot I wanted to utilize blue skies for the concepts I had planned. My fears turned out to be for nothing as the day’s weather turned out to be exceptionally great with the blue skies coming through just fine.

I met with Joel and Rhonda at one of my favorite Malibu spots (green grass and picturesque tree) and we got things started. After working a couple different spots we headed to the second location I had in mind, which not only featured tall light brown colored wheat type grass, but the beautiful blue of the ocean in the distant background. Lastly, we head to the beach. By this time it was extremely windy and cold. I was literally bundled up with a thick jacket and beanie and still cold. Yet Joel and Rhonda braved the conditions keeping the prize in sight.

It was a great day and a great shoot. Thanks Joel and Rhonda for making my job as a wedding photographer so great!

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -004

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -010

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -009

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -006

San Luis Obispo Engagement and Wedding Photographers -005

I asked Joel and Rhonda to head to a spot about 50 feet away from where we were finishing up, so I could gather my equipment as well as scope out a spot in a different direction. After doing so I was quickly heading back when I noticed Joel and Rhonda just relaxing in this natural embrace (below). These type of purely natural photographs are always some of my favorites.

Engagement Photograph -008

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -007

Santa Barbara Engagement and Wedding Photographers -001

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -002

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -015

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -014

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -013

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -017

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -016

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -003

My wedding photography studio is based in on the Central Coast in San Luis Obispo. However, as a wedding photographer I travel though out the State and destinations world wide – going to wherever couples in love desire my services. So whether you are on the Central Coast, San Francisco, Los Angeles or beautiful Malibu, California – distance need not be a factor.

Don and Tiffany are a delightful couple. Tiffany is one of the most kind, thoughtful clients I have ever had. It was fun to joke around with them as we did this shoot. Both of them were more than game to try whatever came to mind. We got a bit of a late start but were all determined to make the best of it.

We met at Don’s house and then headed out to the Laguna Niguel Regional Park. After that we made our way to Newport Beach Marina to shoot a few night shots.

It got a little chilly and we were all a bit hungry. Don and Tiffany invited me back to their place to join them for dinner and I gladly accepted. This gave us a chance to further get to know each other and discuss their upcoming wedding. The food, fellowship and laughter were great! Nothing beats a hard days work followed but great food and laughter! Thank you Don and Tiffany!

Laguna Beach Engagement Photographers -001

Laguna Beach Engagement Photographers -008

Laguna Beach Engagement Photographers -007

Laguna Beach Engagement Photographers -006

Only a few weeks after the engagement session it was time for Don and Tiffany’s wedding. The location was the beautiful Mariners Church Campus in Irvine. Mariners is mega church and the main facility they use for there services is gigantic. It would be like getting married in Dodger Stadium. On the sprawling church campus though, they had just built this smaller chapel for more intimate affairs. It was the perfect size and environment for Don and Tiffany’s wedding. The Chapel is just gorgeous combining stone and other gorgeous features with the natural effect of wood beams and a traditional spire pointing to the heavens.

Mariners Church Irvine -01

Is this little guy cute or what!!  What a show stealer!

Mariners Church Irvine -15

Mariners Church Irvine -09

Mariners Church Irvine -25

Mariners Church Irvine -24 (1)

This might not be one of the bride’s favorite shots, but it is mine. It’s a real moment and a ton of fun. I think a shot like this will help the bride remember all the fun and chaos before the wedding. I look at this shot and every time – I just smile.

Mariners  Church Irvine -02

Tiffany is so much fun (as represented above). However, she is also a wonderful woman of faith. Preparing for her big moment before family, friends, her fiance and most of all God – it was really touching when all joined together for this special moment of prayer. I cautiously snapped just a few photos trying to balance between not disrespecting such a sacred time – yet wanting to preserve such a moment for Don and Tiffany – knowing they would value tremendously in the future.

Mariners Church Irvine -03

I feel so blessed as a wedding photographer to get to photograph the most beautiful children in the world.

Mariners Church Irvine -14

Mariners Church Irvine (1)

Mariners Church Irvine -22

Mariners Church Irvine -20

Mariners Church Irvine -19

Mariners Church Irvine -17

Mariners Church Irvine -08

Mariners Church Irvine

Mariners Church Irvine -005
Mariners Church Irvine -23

Mariners church Irvine -06

Mariners Church Irvine -07

Mariners Church Irvine -11

From the church we headed to the beautiful Crystal Cove Beach. There were a good number of people on the beach and the tide was fairly high – which made things more challenging. However, it was really fun and especially for much of the bridal party since they live in States with no beach.

Mariners Church Irvine -16

Mariners Church Irvine -10

Mariners Church Irvine -12

Mariners Church Irvine -113

Yes, I realize that a cactus is not normal wedding photography material. However, I just could resist photographing and now sharing this interesting “plant”.

Mariners Church Irvine 26

From the beach we headed to a Korean BBQ restaurant for the reception. This was quite different from the norm – but I really enjoyed it. In fact, I am really salivating just thinking about it!! Unfortunately, I will have to cut it short and save those photos for another time. It was super good! The cake was delicious as well!

Mariners Church Irvine -24

It is only fitting to come to a close with the second to last picture being that of another little angel!

Mariners Church Irvine -13

Mariners Church Irvine  23

One of the wonderful things about being a wedding photographer is that I get to work for and meet so many great people. Even months after the wedding Don and Tiffany continue to send me emails from time to time and we stay in touch. My life has been added to by knowing these two and I surely hope that I have added something to theirs as well.

Thanks again Don and Tiffany and I look forward to continuing to stay in touch!

Here’s a peek at Steve and Julie’s Wedding.  It was a blessing to be able to provide wedding photography for another delightful couple. Everyone in the wedding party was so fun and appreciative that it truly made a huge difference!  The Wedding took place at The Candlewood Country Club in Whittier, California. It’s a great venue for both the ceremony as well as the reception.

It’s not very often that I have a groom that wears shoes that are noteworthy or more importantly picture worthy. However, in this case Steve’s were definitely just that!    Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers -078

Candlewood Country Club Whittier Wedding Photographers -050

Because Steve and Julie chose not to have any getting ready photographs I had no pre wedding time with the rings. Fortunately, during the reception I ate my meal quickly and while everyone else what still chowing down I was able to get a few shots of the bling bling and then the cake.     Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

San Luis Obispo Wedding Rings -051

San Luis Obispo Wedding Cakes -052

I had made arrangements to meet the groom and groomsmen at an alley in downtown Whittier that they had picked out. Steve had a concept that he had seen in a magazine involving him and all the fellas in the alley. We got to shooting and worked the alley for all it was worth. Just as we were winding down some really busy cops pulled up and wanted to know what we were doing (let’s see….1 guy with 3 cameras, two light stands and a half a dozen men dressed in tuxes…that must have been a hard to figure out) and told us to leave, I took Steve for some individual portraits along the storefronts and in the middle of the street.     Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers -068

Julie was such a beautiful bride. Here facial features and eyes were stunning.

Wedding Photographers -064

I grabbed this shot of Julie as she was walking to the spot I had chosen to take here individual portraits. In this one split second I was able to capture her in a natural moment that to me portrays the joy and excitement of her wedding day. Immediately, after my shutter clicked her expression went to what I call the every so common bride’s look of: “why are you taking my picture when I’m not ready yet?” It’s the candid moments right before it registers in their brain that they are being photographed – that are the best!

Wedding Photographers -063

This shot of Steve was right out in the middle of the street in downtown Whittier. I really enjoy the fact that it is a background that one would not commonly expect to be used in a wedding photograph. I love the glow of the stoplight and brake lights in the background.

Wedding Photographers -067

Wedding Photographers -066
Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers -065

Here my favorite shot of the groom and groomsmen in the alley before the cops told us to leave as mentioned above. I guess they were projecting the public since after all – I do shoot people with my camera.

Wedding Photographers -060

Wedding Photographers -061

A fish eye lens used selectively can ad to your wedding photography to give it a little more flavor.

Wedding Photographers -062

The beauty and preciousness of a father and bride walking down the aisle is priceless.

Wedding Photographers -054

I find significant beauty in the smallest details – such as the subtleties of a bride and groom holding hands. I trust you will too.

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers -058

Ceremonies are filled with great candid moments that really excite and inspire me. It’s hard to beat those little moments during the wedding when the bride and groom are caught adoring each other or giving each other that little look that only they know the meaning of.

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers -057

I thought I’d share this shot with you because there is something about it that I find a bit intriguing and mysterious. The small gazebo that the couple was married in front of was draped in a semi transparent cloth. It looked great, but hindered my view of the bride and groom for certain angles.. As you can see from this shot, I was able to find an opening in which I could zoom in on the brides eyes, with her face partially visible through the cloth.

Wedding Photographers -056

Here the groom glances up to the minister durning the ceremony with the sun highlighting one side of his face.

Wedding Photographers -055

As the couple exited I grabbed this shot with the sun in the background causing lens flare. I think it added to the shot.

San Luis Obispo Photographers -059

Whittier Wedding Photographers -070

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographs -071

Having been married for less than a few minutes the couple shares a moment together. The grooms expression and the brides eyes speak volumes as they share the excitement of now being “married”!

Wedding Photographers -069

This type of shot is really one of my very favorite types to capture. The groom is totally unaware of me and is captured in a moment of pure, real, candid laughter. You can just feel his happiness.

Wedding Photographers -072

This little angel is so precious, her eyes so beautiful and expression so great – it should undoubtedly be illegal!

San Luis Obispo Child Photographers -076

The first dance…a real moment…no thought of the fact they are being photographed present!

Wedding Photographers -073

Wedding Photographers -053

Never mind the fact that I almost broke my neck trying to balance on a flimsy chair to get this shot. What was great though – was the fact that once I was up there the girls cooperated with some fun smiles!

Wedding Photographers -075

Here again one of the most beautiful babies in the world tries to steel the show. I think she was just acting like she was a sleep so I would have to grab another shot of her. Regardless, I decided for effect and so that I wouldn’t disturb Ms. Perfection – to go all natural and use no flash.

San Luis Obispo Baby Photographers -077

If you haven’t noticed from my website, etc., I like getting a handful of shots in which a forefront object is in focus with the the subject in the background out of focus. To me it’s a bit artistic and dreamy. With this particular shot, I showed my LCD screen to the bride and groom and they said, “oh very nice!!” The mother of the groom wanted to see as well. After showing her – she got a puzzled look on her face and then said, “Uhm…it’s blurry and not in focus though!?” I explained that I was going for that effect. We both laughed.

Thanks for taking the time to let me share this post with you.

Congratulations Steve and Julie!! All the best to you, your family and friends!

Wedding Photographers -074

For the most part, the wedding photography season in San Luis Obispo is over, now giving me time to go back and update my blog for weddings highlights I’m excited to share.  So many weddings and engagement sessions that is fun to look at and relive!  – I feel like so much has been added to my life – either by the new relationships I have in my life, experiencing the joy’s, laughs, challenges and even some of the dramas  that come with every wedding or shoot.   I am also continually learing new things in life, photography, weddings and dealing with people in general. Life is a constant learning process and embracing that fact is exciting!

It’s amazing to think of all the great wedding vendors through the Central Coast. Simply amazing florists, dj’s, wedding venues, cake makers, officiants, decorators, photo booths and live entertainment. There are so great vendors that I am truly grateful to have come to know.

San Luis Obispo Photographers

People often ask me what my style of wedding photography is. I love variety so it is impossible to condense my style to one thing or one formula. But part of my style I would be similar to how I would describe this photo: Simplicity, isolation, energy, connection, vibrance.

San Luis Obispo Photographers

Thanks for taking a peek at just a few of the photographs/memories these weddings and engagements here in San Luis Obipso and through out the Central Coast!



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