Huntington Beach Wedding and Engagement Photographers. Dave and Chrissy

Dave and Chrissy were referred to me by my past engagement and wedding clients – Ashley and Mario. Chrissy and Ashley are cousins.  It’s always wonderful when people like the work you did for them enough to recommend you to family and friends!  So I was stoked when Chrissy contacted me and and retained my services.  They will marry later this year in San Diego.

We had been planning an engagement shoot for many months – however, when their date rolled around – we decided to scrap the engagement shoot before we met up – due to heavy rain.  Over a month later, we were wondering if it was going to rain again on our shoot date.  As it turned out – we got the best of both worlds.  For the day part of the shoot we had a nice bit of clouds to soften the light and allow us to shoot just about anywhere we wanted.   Then as we got to the beach the clouds began to lift allowing us to have plenty of light for the shoot as well as get a view of a beautiful sunset.

After shooting a few shots at Dave and Chrissy’s house with their pets – we headed out to Irvine for a spot I had scoped out and had my eye on for over a year.

Throughout the shoot Dave and Chrissy were chill, laid back and a ton of fun. It didn’t take long before they were both caught up in their own little fun and romantic world.  My job is just to make couple’s comfortable and let the reality and essence of their relationship  bubble up to the surface for me to capture!

Next, we stopped at the Huntington Beach Central Park…a spot Dave had shown Chrissy and then told me about.  I, like Chrissy, never had even heard about it before.

It would have been great if Dave could have released the flowers at the same time as Chrissy – but hey – I guess woman are obviously a bit more coordinated then men!  lol!   Nice try Dave!

Our last stop was at the Huntington Beach Pier. The straight concrete column supports provide a unique setting.

Dave and Chrissy – being Dave and Chrissy –  I love it.

One of the many awesome things about Dave and Chrissy was that they were all for a long and thorough shoot.  Never once, did I hear them talk about “are we almost done” or any such thing.  They were enjoying being together and just seemed to want to get as much out of the shoot as they could.  This always makes me happy and makes for a great shoot.  As it got a little bit cooler out side, both seemed intent on sticking with the shoot and getting the sunset shots!  I think their perseverance and determination payed off!

Thanks Dave and Chrissy.  Great shoot and lots of fun!  Can’t wait to do it again at your wedding!


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  1. I just cannot tell you how beautiful ALL the pictures were. ALL 1134. Of course, some more than others but with a gorgeous grandaughter like Chrissy and a good looking guy like Dave you will not have too many not good shots. They are both so fun loving and make any pictures taken of them special. I am so looking forward to the wedding and pictures of that also. They will also be awesome because of the photographer they chose and their beautiful personalities. What else can I say, besides the gorgeous settings chosen (all of them) and the perfect weather. An album for a lifetime to treasure. Thank you for letting me gush and will see you in Oct. Chrissy’s grandmother, Sharon Henke

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