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Recently I had the adventure of photographing Paul and Trina’s wedding at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Paul and Trina had been referred to me from Jess and Ness – a great couple whose engagement and wedding I shot last year.  Paul and Nessen are best friends.   One thing Paul and Trina like to do is have fun!  So I knew I would be in for quite a time.   The wedding was a blast and Paul and Trina were great to work for.  I really appreciated all the kindness show to me by family and friends.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographers

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Nearing the finish of our bridal portraits – Trina decided to hit a slot machine on the run.  She instantly won over $2,000,000 as you can see by her expression. I’m still waiting for my cut of the winnings that she promised me. San Luis Obispo Photographers.

I don’t know what it was, but everyone and their mother who wasn’t part of the wedding – wanted to be in the wedding photos.  First it was Elvis, then three other savory characters.

After the ceremony and hitting some group and couple shots, we headed off  by limo to the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas sign”.

Next we headed the reception which was held at Maggiano’s Little Italy, just down the strip.   Paul and Trina got things rolling immediately with their “first dance”.

Special music was performed for Paul and Trina by these two young gents.

The toast was quite a hit.  Thanks Nessen.

The cake cutting was quite a hit also…..hit in the face!

Umm umm good!  Could this litltle guy enjoy sucking down a yummy drink more!

Apparently earlier that day Paul had lost something – and thought for sure it might be under Tina’s dress.   Not sure if he ever found it?

You know your surrounded by good country people – when you spot a kid wearing John Deere boots!!

Trina and her brother share a special moment towards the end of the evening.  I just love it when people express their emotions!  Obviously brother and sister mean a lot to one another!

“You did what!!”

Paul and Trina, thanks for the great memories in Las Vegas!   May your lives be filled with selfless love and lots of joy!


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