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Every wedding there is much excitement in the air.  The bride and groom have spent so much time planning and working hard to make sure their special day it just the way they want it.  Family and friends have been waiting expectantly and with the highest hopes for the dear couple that they love and care for.  It is with all of this glorious anticipation and excitement – already present,  that I have the privilege and honor of showing up for and bringing my service, passion and gifting. Every wedding is so different: the couples, the places, the interesting character and subplots, the sparkly details – it is really a pleasure to apply my passion and creativity.

I have the privilege of shooting Jace and Sasha’s engagement photographs as well.  I hope to get around to blogging those soon!

Things were no different when I showed up to photography Jace and Sasha’s wedding.  I arrived at the home of the bride’s mother – where Sasha and the girls were getting ready. The mood was joyful and exciting. Sasha, her sister and mother were especially warm and kind….something that for me never goes un noticed or with out appreciation!

The wedding ceremony was held at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount and the reception took place at The Grand in Long Beach.

Capturing a candid moment like this (below) – just makes me smile!

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The first ever heart shaped diamond ring I have shot!

San Luis Obispo Photographers

This darling boy wanted to be part of the shoot too – so he ran away only to come back with his favorite pair of glasses!   Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

The ceremony was held at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount, California.  The whole wedding was extra special for me since I went to this church when I was living in Los Angeles.  It’s a very large congregation, with 4 services on Sundays – and so I had never met Jace and Sasha before they hired me.  They “just happened” to find me while doing a google search and then we soon learned that we had we had been going to the same church.

The bride and her father – just before he gives her away.   I just love Sasha’s expressions in these next 3 pictures!

One of the many great things about Jace and Sasha was that once they were together – they seemed to forget about me and would just get caught up laughing, kissing and gazing into each other’s eyes!

I love this intimate close up (below) that my assistant Jerry Giles captured of Jace and Sasha.  It’s sharp, vibrant and timeless.  Great work Jerry!

Jace and Sasha make their grand entrance (below) sharing a special moment of joy and excitement – that I’m sure they will cherish and relive for the rest of their lives!

The father daughter dance is always one of the most emotional and special times of the evening.  Again, my assistant Jerry snuck in close for this special shot (below).

Every wedding, all kinds of characters emerge.  It is one of the things  that makes my job – one of the best in the world – for me anyway!   These two guys and the DJ (in the picture below them) add that extra fun to an already fun day!

Talk about characters!  This couple had everyone watching –  as they put on a little show!  Who says age has to slow you down!!

Every wedding seems to have one guy that will dance so enthusiastically – that for a moment he steals the show.  Well – there he is (above).   The bride’s sister reacts the exact way I felt!

A big thanks to Jace, Sasha and their families for all the love and kindness they showed me  –  added to the great adventure of photographing their special day!



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