Joel and Erin. The Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club. Redondo Beach.

The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach was the fabulous setting for Joel and Erin’s wedding reception.  The wedding ceremony was held at the Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes. It was a real delight to get to know Joel and Erin and to be able to be their wedding photographer. The day was filled with emotional moments, fun, great weather, love and celebration.   Joel is an “Aussie”, Erin the “All American Girl” and they both love volleyball.  Seeing them together, and watching how the “Aussie’s” party was quite fun for me.  Just a really super couple!




As mentioned above Joel and Erin both love volleyball so it was fantastic that we were able to get shots of them on the beach as a couple and with their bridal party – with a little volleyball theme mixed in with the shots.

Joel and Erin’s friends get a laugh at the couples expense.  It was all in good fun.



Nice dramatic clouds moved in to help set the back drop for the beach pictures.   I was very excited when they rolled in!

The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club lobby was a great spot for some pictures of the girls.

The Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes is an unbelievable venue.  It’s actually an old mansion that has been converted into a church and of course sits on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean!  It offers a dazzling facility and views like no other!







Joel has worked for the FBI, CIA, KGB and a number of other high level security forces around the world.  There is tight security where ever he goes!   Ok, so I might be fibbing a little.  However, you know your wedding couple is important when they get a coast guard fly bye!




The Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes is quite something!  A great place to hold your wedding ceremony.



Back to the Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach for the wedding reception!

You just can’t beat the expressions kids give you!



It was definitely time to P-A-R-T-Y!








It was a very special day of love and celebration for Joel and Erin.  It was a great pleasure to be around this couple and to meet their family and friends. Everyone had such a great time!  Joel and Erin, may your love continue to spike upward and onward.  Thanks for the privilege of shooting your wedding. Here’s to hoping we cross paths again one day soon!



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