Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding Photographers. Wedding Photography In Santa Barbara. Chad and Shauna.

Chad and Shauna were married at the unique, beautiful and historic Santa Barbara Courthouse.  Both Chad and Shauna are two of the kindest people you will every meet.  With their words and actions there is something very special and beautiful about them. It’s also apparent in the way they love each other, that they possess a very beautiful love.

The officiant prepares to conduct the ceremony.  Got to love those socks!  Meanwhile the ladies work on their hair.

It was a beautiful sunny day at the downtown Santa Barbara Courthouse.

The wedding details were fabulous.

This little sweetie stole the show through out the day.  I don’t think I have ever met or seen a young lady like this who loves to pose for the camera as much and as often as she did  In fact, she stole my fedora so she could ham it up for the camera in one of the below shots.



With wedding flowers, wedding shoes and wedding rings all photographed it was time to move on to shooting the bride and the groom.


Wedding coordination was done by Saralee Franchi at XOXO Bride.  Saralee is a pleasure to work with and makes sure the day goes smoothly.





Check out the view from the top of the historic Santa Barbara Courthouse.

You can see it all over her face.  Shauna is quite happy and excited, as she comes down the aisle, to be marrying the love of her life, Chad!




The Santa Barbara Courthouse offers a number of great locations inside and out to get great couple shots.



During the reception Chad and Shauna made time to sneak outside, across the street at the beach, to get some couple shots around sunset time!

Chad and Shauna are prisoners to each other’s love!












Wow – what a great day.  Plenty of memories to last a lifetime.  I’m so grateful that Chad and Shauna commissioned me to capture so many wonderful moments of their day!  May you two continue to grow, nurture and thrive in the beautiful love that you already have!  Keep in touch my friends.



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