Joel and Rhonda. Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographer

I had been concerned about the weather for this engagement session. It was looking like it might be an overcast or even rainy day. Overcast days provide great light on the subjects. However, for this shoot I wanted to utilize blue skies for the concepts I had planned. My fears turned out to be for nothing as the day’s weather turned out to be exceptionally great with the blue skies coming through just fine.

I met with Joel and Rhonda at one of my favorite Malibu spots (green grass and picturesque tree) and we got things started. After working a couple different spots we headed to the second location I had in mind, which not only featured tall light brown colored wheat type grass, but the beautiful blue of the ocean in the distant background. Lastly, we head to the beach. By this time it was extremely windy and cold. I was literally bundled up with a thick jacket and beanie and still cold. Yet Joel and Rhonda braved the conditions keeping the prize in sight.

It was a great day and a great shoot. Thanks Joel and Rhonda for making my job as a wedding photographer so great!

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -004

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -010

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -009

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -006

San Luis Obispo Engagement and Wedding Photographers -005

I asked Joel and Rhonda to head to a spot about 50 feet away from where we were finishing up, so I could gather my equipment as well as scope out a spot in a different direction. After doing so I was quickly heading back when I noticed Joel and Rhonda just relaxing in this natural embrace (below). These type of purely natural photographs are always some of my favorites.

Engagement Photograph -008

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -007

Santa Barbara Engagement and Wedding Photographers -001

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -002

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -015

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -014

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -013

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -017

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -016

Malibu Engagement and Wedding Photographers -003

My wedding photography studio is based in on the Central Coast in San Luis Obispo. However, as a wedding photographer I travel though out the State and destinations world wide – going to wherever couples in love desire my services. So whether you are on the Central Coast, San Francisco, Los Angeles or beautiful Malibu, California – distance need not be a factor.

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