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Enough can’t be said about how wonderful it was to photograph the wedding of Mike and Jillian. After meeting them for a consultation, a very fun engagement shoot (which I hope to post soon) and then again for a wedding timeline chat – they seemed like long time friends. What a great, sincere and easy going couple.  So kind, so gracious and so  in love.  Now that their wedding and honeymoon are over, we are already talking about getting together for dinner next time they are in town. It will be such a pleasure!

The wedding took place at the beautiful and famed Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach.  With out a doubt the Cliffs Resort is one of the premiere wedding venues on the Central Coast…and arguably the top beach wedding venue!  Situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean it is a classy, high end wedding venue of the first rate.

I love taking rings shots  (thus the reason I have an entire gallery on my main website devoted to them).  I always try to incorporate whatever backgrounds or objects that are available to me where we are. However, in this case the couple requested something particular that was part of who they are and what they believe.  I really love it when I can incorporate something like this into the photographs to personalize it for the couple.

As made evident by the precious little face of this girl – angels do walk among us!!


The couple’s choice of wedding flowers was beautiful.  I always advise my clients to have lots of color in their flowers and not too much white.  White wedding flowers with a white wedding dress as a background –  just does not compare to the beauty colorful flowers on a white wedding dress gives.

Meet Mike!  What a smile!  Sincere, warm authentic, gracious.  That describes you Mike!  You are a blessing to all who have the privilege of knowing you.  Hey – you’re wife Jillian is a super special gal too!  What a couple you guys are!

It has never happened until now.   The groomsmen jumping shot all came together on the first shot.  It truly was a miracle. My favorite – is the guy second from the right – doing a wild air guitar!

Mike and Jillian decided to a have a “first look” private meeting before the ceremony so we could have their special moment captured and not use up quite as much time for photos after the ceremony.  It was such a special moment. Their only awareness was of each other. In this moment they were the only two people on the face of the earth!   The moment was so precious, so tender, so intimate that I just kept backing up in fear that some how I would interrupt it.  Ok, I’ll admit it – I teared up. But no one saw it!  Ha!

We were all worried about the weather. The previous day was very cold and windy.  However, the day turned out to be drop dead gorgeous!!   I was so happy for the Mike and Jillian!

I think the look on Mike’s face speaks a thousand words about how he feels about Jillian!

With a remote camera on a tripod – triggered by a radio transmitter I was able to get a fixed view of the whole ceremony site.  Every time I took a picture with either of the cameras I was using – the remote camera was triggered. While only a handful of these pictures will be valuable, it is a nice, different angle to get during the ceremony that would otherwise not be possible. Note, Jillian’s room featured a room with a balcony on it facing the ceremony site – which made it all possible.

This (below) has got to be one of the most funny shots I have taken.  It was just after the ceremony and Mike was checking out the bling on his new bride’s hand.  I didn’t want to miss the shot and was less than a foot away with no room to back up. I swung my ultra wide angle lens in position to get the shot.  Case in point – with an ultra wide angle lens – the closer you get to your subject the more distorted it makes them look.  And while this shot makes it look like Mike has an disproportioned alien head, I can assure you he does not!  The shot does make me laugh and I know Mike will be a good sport and laugh along with me – allowing me to share this with you.

We headed to the beach after the ceremony for “couple shots” on the beach, on a park bench and in the field.   Jillian had her wonderful maid of honor  and husband to help with the dress.

As the sun began to set we dashed back outside for what are always some of my favs…sunset photos.

Before we all knew it, it was time to say goodnight and good bye!   It was an awesome day, truly a blessed one.  Thanks so much to Mike, Jillian and Sonjia (mother of the bride) for letting me witness it!

With much love and appreciation,


Family and friends check out all of Mike and Jillian’s photographs at the Below link. Of course you’ll have to contact them for the password!

Mike and Jillian’s Online Gallery

Meet Robert and Melanie!  Once Robert and Melanie booked me for the engagement and wedding photography they began to plan for an engagement session, customized to their vision.  This vision entailed a vintaged themed 50’s look. In order to get the look they wanted at the locations that would work best, I drove to meet them in the Bay area. We spent the day together traveling to different spots in Sunol, Walnut Creek and Concord. After spending the day together Robert and Melanie treated me to a nice dinner together with them.  Fabulous couple!  A very fun day. Here are the results of the shoot!

To check out Robert and Melanie’s Wedding day photography click here!

The wedding reception was held at the lavish and beautiful Pacific Hills Banquet Hall in Laguna Hills, located in Orange County.  What a fabulous wedding venue the Pacific Hills Banquet Hall is offering plenty of clean high class space, great service and perfect uplighting to give that special sparkle to the background of all your wedding photographs!    Tyler and Katie were wed at St. Edward The Confessor Church in Dana Point.  From there the spirited reception followed at the Pacific Hills Banquet Hall!   Follow the wedding day photography and Tyler and Katie’s “Endless Love” – below, from start to finish.

I always love getting there plenty early to capture detail shots of the wedding dress, wedding rings, shoes and other important details.

Getting ready shots are always important to telling the whole wedding day story.
















It’s always great when the bridal party decides to have some fun or silliness.


With this many people in the wedding party it’s hard for every one to catch air at the same time – be we got close!









Life involves balance and so does a good ring shot…sometimes!












After the ceremony we headed to the Pacific Hills Banquet Hall in Laguna Hills, Orange County.  I’ve been to a lot of wedding venues in my career and this one ranks very high and has a great combination of room, high class looks, great service and plenty of options.

Uplighting on the walls created a great look for the background at the Pacific Hills Banquet Hall.





While the classy pink uplighting you see in the background is the product of the Pacific Hills Banquet Hall lighting, the white backlight that you see around the edges of the dance floor subjects and in particular the father of the bride’s eyeglasses –  is the result of my radio controlled remote flashes.  They add an extra sparkle to the photos and are something unique to my wedding photography that not all other wedding photographers offer.

Special moments between the bride and groom, father of the bride and the groom’s mother- are some of the most special moments of the day that are truly a reward for me to capture.



The evening was filled with plenty of spirited fun moments!











A special thanks and congratulations to Tyler and Katie for their wonderful wedding and the endless love that they have found in each other.  All God’s best to you both.  Stay in touch!





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