Sunstone Winery Wedding. Santa Ynez Wedding Photographers. Claver and Elizabeth.

It was a delightful, warm, sun kissed day with blue skies at the amazing Sunstone Winery and Vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley! Another gorgeous day to be a wedding photographer! The Sunstone Winery and Vineyard is one of the most outstanding wedding venues in Santa Ynez or Santa Barbara for that matter. The venue is filled with class, elegance, realistic rustic character and many great wedding photography opportunities!  Most photographers would feel privileged to shoot not only the Sunstone Winery and Vineyard, but such a wonderful couple as Claver and Elizabeth!  I was no exception.


Marriage is a great and wonderful event where two are joined forever as one. In the grandest of circumstances, long before the two are formally joined together as one in a ceremony, it is apparent that such a union of the hearts has already taken place. Such was quite evident at the beautiful wedding of Claver and Elizabeth. What a privilege it was for me to be chosen as their wedding photographer.


The event was masterfully coordinated by Rani Hoover Inspired Weddings and Events.  What a pleasure to work with Rani and her team! If you are looking for someone who is experienced, classy, professional and will get the job done right – Rani is your gal!





Elizabeth was quite undoubtedly a stunningly beautiful bride.






In addition to being a handsome groom, Claver has quite the fun, relaxed and silly personality, which I really enjoyed.











The couple had their wedding day timeline – laid out perfect for the couple shots after the wedding. We were able to utilize the “golden hour” (the hour leading up to sunset).  At this time of day the light is the most soft, golden and beautiful. Plus you can get shots like this with the sun flare in the background.  These are all things that might be overlooked when planning a wedding. However, part of my job is to inform couples about things like this that related to the wedding day timeline!  Sunsets make for great wedding photography!




As you can see, the Sunstone Winery and Vineyards is a treasure trove of photography opportunities!



 All the wedding toasts were both funny and heart touching.  Once again I found myself fighting back tears. It’s not that I mind joyously tearful emotions (just ask my wife). But I have to be able to see clearly to continue taking the wedding photographs!  I was especially touched by the rare and deep love that Claver and his brother (seen below giving his toast) have for each other. True bothers they are.





In case you are wondering, there was no bright lighting on the dance floor (even though it may appear from the photos that there was). Nor was there anywhere to bounce my on camera flash (off of a ceiling for example).  If I were to only use on camera flash, these photos would be quite “flat” and boring (in terms of lighting). The directional light that you see that adds the highlights, contrast and flare was created by the placement of three off camera wireless strobes. Those three strobes are triggered and work synchronized to my on camera flash. Essentially four flashes working together to light the scene.  It’s lighting set ups like these that in my mind make a professional – a professional.  I have to be prepared for anything that is thrown my way.







A special thanks to the Sunstone Winery and Vineyard.  Claver and Elizabeth – may you both continue to live out the wonderful love you have found for each other!  Thanks again for the chance to serve as your wedding photographer.


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    That venue looks sweet! I love that cool rustic almost cobblestone look. Nice job!

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