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Welcome to ProImage Weddings – serving San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpenteria, Isla Vista, Santa Ynez, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Maria, Los Angeles, San Francisco and beyond.


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Being a Santa Barbara Photographer, my passion at each wedding is to capture your whole wedding day story. For the below wedding I was able to sneak away to capture this panoramic photograph of the city and shoreline just as the sun had set.

ProImage Wedding Photographers is the home to Trent Buckle, known among brides and grooms, as well as photographers, to be a talented and stylish Santa Barbara wedding photographer.  Trent serves Santa Ynez, Solvang, Goleta, Carpenteria and Ventura County with his wedding photography. Whether your tastes lean toward conventional wedding photography, contemporary wedding photography, wedding photojournalism or anything in between, among Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers, ProImage Weddings offers limitless possibilities for your wedding and engagement photography.

As with the image above (and below for that matter) I seek to capture timeless and artistic engagement and wedding photographs that display a unique style and something fun, vibrant and exciting about your relationship and wedding day.  I love the above engagement photograph taken from an engagement session that involved a vintage theme, because it intertwines beauty and style with a bit of mystery.

Be sure to review our complete wedding photography portfolio.  Searching through the vast array of wedding photographers in Santa Barbara can be a daunting task.  You are sure to be looking for a quality wedding photographer that offers: a personal touch, quality artistry, stunning photography and beautiful wedding photography – just to name a few. I pride myself with the goal of giving my wedding clients a unique photography product.

ProImage Weddings Photography has been serving Santa Barbara for a number of years, with one goal in mind – to please wedding couples – going above and beyond their photography expectations. Sunset photographs one of my favorite photographs to take. Although they are not always possible to take on your wedding day (due to your timeline or weather), sometimes they can be taken either during your wedding reception or during your engagement session!

From the wedding dress, flowers, cake, wedding rings, to the toast, the limo, invitations, the getting ready – to those once in a life time moments during the wedding ceremony and reception as your Santa Barbara wedding photographer – Trent Buckle of ProImage Weddings seeks to serve you with his wedding photography on your wedding day.  It’s not just about the wedding photographs.  It is just as much about the experience and service you receive before, during and even after your wedding day.

All the details of your wedding day matter to me.  I seek to capture great photographs of your wedding dress (as in the below picture), wedding rings, shoes and anything else that is of importance to you.

While all the details of your wedding day are important, my personal favorite are your wedding rings.  If you afford me the time I like to spend at least 30 minutes on your rings to get a nice juicy close up photos that my specialized macro lens was built for!

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers

By working together we will create the perfect wedding memories! If you are so kind as to oblige ProImage Weddings with the opportunity to photograph your wedding day, we will surely and happily crank out photos that embrace the importance of your once in a liftetime milestone.  In the process we can have some fun with it too, depending on what style of fun you like!  The beauty of photography is the fact that the opportunities are limitless!

Let your wedding photography experience be fun. Armed with experience in all forms of wedding photojournalism and fashion photography, ProImage Wedding Photographers is prepared to capture and bring out your true radiance! Additionally, we can customize some cool wedding photography albums – flush mount albums, coffee table albums, archive prints, poster prints, canvas prints and much more. I would suggest using an engagement photography session to create guest books and “save the date” cards for your wedding day.

The uniqueness of Santa Barbara is made obvious in the fact that “Santa Barbara” is a stylistic term in and of itself…used to describe certain architecture and landscapes. People will say something has a “Santa Barbara type of style to it”.  The Spanish style of the Santa Barbara historic buildings and that has been assimilated into much of Santa Barbara’s newer developments has given this Central Coast region a unique flavor and made it the perfect place to get married and capture great “Santa Barbara Style” wedding photography!

Below I used a specialized fisheye lens to capture this ultra wide panoramic from the third story of this beautiful resort – looking down on all in attendance of the wedding.

Part of my wedding photography style (as seen above and below) is to use the beauty and simplicity of isolating my subjects or objects against uncluttered  backgrounds.

A classic vintage car is always a nice additional prop for your wedding photography. Don’t hesitate to get one if you are thinking about it.

I am often asked what my wedding photography style is.  My Santa Barbara wedding photography style is to emphasize a photojournalistic approach, using casual poses where needed. Especially in the upscale and relaxed area of Santa Barbara. The method has served me well as I seek to capture timeless, vibrant, authentic and emotional photographs.

There are many great wedding florists from Santa Barbara to Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo. The wedding flowers you choose for your special day will have great value to your photography.

Destination weddings are also part of my wedding photography.  Whether you live outside Santa Barbara and are planning a wedding in Santa Barbara or whether you live here are planning your wedding in another part of the state or country. Below one of my brides took their wedding to Las Vegas.

Santa Barbara Wedding Photography

Santa Barbara  Wedding Photojournalism

Every photographer dreams of shooting the majority of their weddings in Santa Barbara.  From the lush vineyards and ranches of the Santa Ynez Valley, including the quaint and world famous Solvang – to Carpenteria, Goleta and even stretching past Santa Barbara to Ventura and Oxnard.

Nestled on the Coast north of Los Angeles, and south of San Francisco, Santa Barbara has many attractions of a big city, but in many ways the feel of small, warm, beautiful community. More importantly for weddings Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley offer a diversity of wedding venues including lush wineries and vineyards, breath taking vistas, stunning beaches and classy and high end resorts and luxury hotels.

There are also many great wineries and Vineyards such as: the Urban Wine Trail, Jaffurs Wine Cellar, Firestone Vineyard, Sunstone Vineyard, Fess parker Vineyard, Kalyra Winery, Stanfortd Winery, Kalyra by the Sea

Santa Barbara is home to many unique festivals: Cinco De Mayo, Fiesta, French Festival, Fourth of July, Greek Festival, Harbor Festival, Lemon Festival, Lemon Festival, Solstice Parade and the Santa Barbara film festival.

Some of Santa Barbara’s favorite hotels include: The Pepper Tree Inn, Best Western Encina Lodge and Suites, The Mar Monte Hotel, The Lavender Inn by the Sea, the Inn by the Harbor, The Canary Hotel, Brisas del Mar, Inn at the Beach, The Four Seasons Resort, Doubletree Resort, Hotel Santa Barbara and Fess Parker’s Doubletree just to name a few.

Santa Barbara parks include: Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, El Presidio De Santa Barbara State Historic Park, Shoreline Park, Chase Palm Park, Skofield Park, Elings Park.

Santa Barbara Wedding Photography (SB)

Santa Barbara Wedding Photojournalism

As a wedding photographer, our goal at your wedding is to provide uncompromising quality in the documentation of your wedding memories. Each customized album will be a collection of unique images, comprised of super cool portraits, creative details and spontaneous moments. It is a combination of our pledge to excellence and devotion to bring out the radiance of your special day, while preserving a relaxed yet unaccented beat that will make your Santa Barbara wedding experience memorable.

Although I am a wedding photographer who specializes in wedding photography in Santa Barbara and Ventura, we encourage the idea of having a destination wedding. In my opinion, destination weddings are super rad because et to celebrate your union at a unique location.

Santa Barbara offers many beautiful beaches:  Hendry’s Beach, Butterfly Beach, Carpenteria State Beach, el Capitan Beach, Gaviota Beach, Goleta Beach, Leadbetter Beach, Refugio Beach and West Beach.

Other great Santa Barbara wedding and engagement shoot locations are:

The museum of art, the Santa Barbara courthouse, the Santa Barbara Mission, Museum of National History, Botanical Gardens, Santa Barbara Zoo, Seas Center, Stearns Wharf, the Waterfront Hotel and the Santa Barbara Yacht club.

More specific to weddings and your wedding photography in Santa Barbara you will need to narrow in on an array of quality vendors from wedding florists, disk jockeys, bakeries, officients, musicians  ministers,wedding rental companies to quality wedding coordinators.

Beach wedding photography is one of my specialties.  The photojournalistic wedding photography style most Santa Barbara wedding couples want, perfectly fits my style.

Modern Wedding Photography

Anthony and Mary are the fun loving type  of couple  – that wedding and engagement photographers like myself appreciate so much.  The two of them have a very playful, agreeable and relaxed personalities.  What more can you ask for!  I met up with the two at their Seal Beach condo and we strolled through the neighborhoods near Seal Beach in route to the beach –  hitting everything from sidewalks, strangers doorsteps, a downtown shoppe, the shoreline, up on the pier and down below!  We had a blast  the whole way and all felt jazzed and excited about the pictures as we left the beach with the sun having set.   So here’s a few favs!

Ricky and Caley’s Wedding is only two days away – so I am glad to be able to get this post up for them.  Talk about a great, fun and kind couple. Since the day we first spoke on the phone Ricky has acted like we were friends. Ricky, Caley and I spent the day together roaming through out San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach.  After a number of hours we were all starving and the couple took me to Mo’s BBQ and we all got our grub on.  Refueled and refreshed we headed back out on the streets to round things up with a night shoot.  It was a bit nippy, but Ricky and Caley had each other to keep warm! What a great couple.  The wedding will be at the Shore Cliff Lodge in Pismo Beach, followed by a reception at Giuseppe’s in Pismo Beach!

Paul and Stacey have been a pleasure to provide wedding photography for. From our first dealings they have been nothing but respectful, considerate and fun. The day came together as the florist, dj, cake baker bakery maker : ), officiant, wedding coordinator,  caterer, Still Water Vineyards staff and myself all worked together to put the needs of the bride and groom.  It was just a beautiful day.    Debbie at  D and D Floral whom I will  mention more about below –  did the beautiful floral arrangements.   Wow can that lady arrange flowers!   The wedding coordinator for the beautiful day was Taffy Gonzalez of All Traditions Wedding Coordination. Taffy is a very warm and caring coordinator and very much helped the day go smoothly.

Hair and make up was done at the classy Joseph Atone Salon in Paso Robles.  It’s a great salon and run with the utmost professionalism and skill.  Everyone at the salon was kind and had a great attitude.

Bling, bling! Don’t forget to have all three of your rings ready for me when I show up early to get their close ups! Rings have feelings and want attention too!

Paso Robles Wedding Rings -01

Joseph Antone Salon Paso Robles Hair Dressers and Make Up

We started at the Joseph Atone Salon in Paso Robles where the girls further beatified themselves.  They were all a lot of fun and everyone had such great attitudes that I knew not only would photographing Paul and Stacey’s wedding be fun, but more importantly it would be a beautiful time and most special day for Paul and Stacey and their family and friends.  My goal was to capture as much natural, candid photojournalistic moments as I could, while at the same time set some portraits up where needed. I try to keep my photography contemporary, stylish and authentic.   Whether it is portrait photography, child, baby, senior portraits, wedding photography  or  engagement sessions the goal is to capture something remarkable and yet stays true to who you are as a person or couple – and that captures the essence of you and your day.

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -43

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -44

The wonderful couple’s beautiful wedding was held at The Still Water Vineyards in Paso Robles just north of Templeton and Atascadero. So many wonderful weddings are held in Paso Robes and Atascadero because it is home to some of California’s most beautiful vineyards and wineries – making it an ideal spot for wedding and portrait photography.    Not only are Paul and Stacey great people, but they also were a blast to photograph.  Stacey in Particular was particularly “camera friendly”  – and as you will see super photogenic.  She really knew how to have fun with it.

Paso Robles Still Water Vineyard Photographers -41

The Still Water Vineyards in Paso Robles is a gorgeous wedding venue for couples to have their wedding at as well as a delight for wedding photographers.   Paso Robles is known for its beautiful and lavish vineyards and wineries, which make it one of California’s most popular and beautiful wedding destinations.  Atascadero, Templeton, San Miguel and the surrounding areas are equally impressive.  There is something about the rolling hills of a vineyard that can not be matched!

Paso Robles Wedding Vineyard Wineries  -03

While I was getting ready for the couple’s grand entrance, my second shooter Tatiana,  was stealing these shots of one of the most beautiful little girls in the world – as she privately (so she thinks) enjoys her little wonderland complete with old school water pump and two precious rocks held tightly to her chest.  Notice the little drops of water on her face and hair as she gets up and personal with the water pump.  What an angel!     I can’t believe Tatiana got these shots and not me…..boooo hooo!

Of course this is one nice advantage of having a photography package that comes with a second photographer!

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -39

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -38

Stacey was one of the most camera friendly brides I have shot.    Every time I turned the camera towards her – her face and eyes would light up and she was right at home!   Thanks Stacey!

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -15

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -20

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -11

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -22

Paso Robles Wedding Dresses-17

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -19

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -16

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -18

Paso Robles Engagement Wedding Photographers -12

More angelic flower girls!!

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -37

Paso Robles Wedding Photography -13

All the gorgeous flower arrangements were done by Debbie at  D and D Floral .  Not only is Debbie a sincere, professional and great person, but her flowers, bouquets, centerpieces, shepherd hooks, boutonnieres, etc. are just simply exquisite as you can see.   Every floral arrangement I have seen D and D Floral produce has been nothing short of beautiful.   Thanks Debbie for making my job that much easier…blessed are the brides that find you!

Paso Robles Wedding Flowers Florists -02

Paso Robles Family and Families Photographers -14

Paso Robles and Pismo Beach Wedding Photographers -21

Paso Robles Child and Baby Photographers -09

Paso Robles Wedding Flowers Bouquets -08

Templeton Santa Margarita Shandon Wedding Photographers -06

Paso Robles Wedding Flowers -07

I just love this adorable lady’s smile.  I just think she is beautiful!!

Paso Robles High School Senior Photographers -04

One of the things I love most about my great privilege in being a wedding photographer is encountering the worlds most beautiful children every weekend!

Paso Robles Child Infant Baby Photographers

Paso Robles Infant Child Baby Kids Photographers -35

Just look  at the eyes and expression of Paul as he looks at his bride.  He is one happy man!

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -40

Atascadero Wedding Photographers -42

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -24

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -23

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -26

After the ceremony and getting through the group shots – time was very limited with the caterer having the food prepared on a timeline.   With so little time left to shoot before the reception Stacey and Paul chose to just get a very few photographs of the whole bridal party  together and focus on couple shots.  It’s a bummer when couple’s have to make choices like that due to limited time.  However, Paul and Stacey definitely made the right choice – as it is the couple shots that I’m sure they will value most in the future and even now!

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers -30

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -27

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -29

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -31

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -32
Paso Robles Wedding and Portrait Photographers -28

Just a very gorgeous evening as Paul and Stacey headed into their first dance.   The little bit of Paso Robles heat from the day had cooled off and it was a perfect evening.

Paso Robles Photographers -34

Paso Robles Photographers

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -33

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers -25

Paul and Stacey as you two together look out at the future you have together –  I hope that it is filled with all that you have hoped and desired it to be and much more.  Thank you for the privilege, trust  and experience of having been your wedding photographer. All the best to you and yours!


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