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The wonderful couple Joseph and Kendra where married at The Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center in Ventura.  A beautiful and glorious day it was!  This was the day that Joseph and Kendra would pledge their love for each other in the sight of God and man.  Their love and devotion for each other was clear.  The sun shinned bright, a cool breeze refreshed all and excitement was abounding.




The day started at an amazing three story beach house in Ventura that the bride’s mother had rented for this special occasion. The beach house was close to the Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center, making it the perfect place to get ready.






Nothing like a little fun in the bathtub  :  )




Joseph serves us in the military. I don’t take the sacrifice that our men and women in the military –  and their families make for us, for granted.  Thank you Joseph.















Love makes you want to jump for joy doesn’t it!



Joseph waits for his special “first look/grand reveal”!


























What a wonderful day, wonderful couple, wonderful love.  Stay on your never ending mission to love each other and you two will have a great life.  Thanks for all the fun, memories and for allowing me the honor of photographing your most special day.  Keep in touch!



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