Mike and Rachel. Santa Ynez Mission and Root 246. Solvang.


I knew it would be a high energy, fun, crazy wedding for Mike and Rachel when they married at the Santa Ynez Mission in Solvang.  Their beautiful reception followed at Root 246 in Solvang.  I had photographed the lovely couple’s engagement session and it was an amazing and fun time.  The bar had been set high and by all accounts, their wedding day certainly delivered!  Solvang is a romantic and beautiful location for any wedding and reception.  Located between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, this historic and world famous city is unique to any other.  The wedding day started at Hotel Corque in Solvang.  I started with detail shots of the wedding rings, dress, shoes and the like, grabby shots of the girls getting ready as well.   I share a ton of photos here in my wedding blog and yet I still feel like I am with holding so many pictures that I would love to share as well.







There’s no doubt, she’s a beauty!



All the tremendously unique floral arrangements including the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, etc. were provided by the highly acclaimed Jenny McNiece of Jenny McNiece Flowers.  Jenny is truly amazing at working with flowers and each brides vision of what they want.  Mike and Rachel’s wedding decor including copper. Jenny made fabulous use of real copper in her arrangements.  If it’s not already obvious Mike absolutely loves classic cars and owns one himself.  Jenny incorporated that into the flowers as well.  She’s really great.




The Santa Ynez Mission (also know as the Santa Ines Mission) in Solvang is not only historic but beautiful!





Shoes, shoes shoes….woman and shoes.  It will never end!!








Rachel opens her special wedding day gifts from Mike and then enjoys some refreshments with the girls as they get ready!






Just when I think I have seen the prettiest little flower girl I’ve ever seen before along comes another one!









































Root 246 in Solvang.  It’s modern, sheik and classy!












Check out Mike and Rachel’s Santa Ynez mission and Root 246 wedding slide show:





Mike and Rachel, thanks so much for letting me be part of such a memorable day! As you two ride off into your future I’m hoping and praying God’s very best for you guys.  Serve each other always, forgive quickly, share openly and honesty in humility and always seek the truth in love and your marriage will grow and flourish!











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