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It had well been over a year since I had originally met with Kham and Brigitte when they booked me to be their wedding photographer.  Finally, their glorious day had arrived and there was much excitement in the air as we all anticipated how the day would unfold.  Brigitte has been so kind, considerate and organized in all of our dealings that it left  me once again feeling so very blessed to have such clients to work for. She really put so much time and heart into making her wedding day happen that I really hope for her that it was all that she dreamed of and wanted and even more.  Kham is in the Marines and  has served our country with sacrifice and respect – and for that he has my utmost respect and gratitude.  I just don’t feel that our military men and women are given the thanks and appreciation that they truly deserve for the un imaginable sacrifice that they and their families make for our country.  To Kham and his fellow Marines – thank you!

To view all of Kham and Brigitte’s Wedding Photographs look for listing in The ProImage Online Gallery .   Please contact the bride and groom for the password.

We started out at the great Synergy Salon in Arroyo Grande where Brigitte and one of her bridesmaids Mae had their hair and make up done.  It’s a great Salon in a top notch facility.

Yes, those frosted diamond rocks are sitting on frosted ice!

Next we headed to Brigitte’s parents house where all the bridesmaids gathered upstairs for their final touches of make up and the groomsmen chilled downstairs watching world cup soccer.  The girls had plenty of room as you can see!

These pics were taken near Shell Beach on a Cliff that overlooks the ocean.    Due to the harsh lighting at around 3-4 I had to break out my special portable strobes so that the deep beautiful blues of the ocean could be utilized.

The ceremony was held at St. Paul The Apostle Catholic Church in Pismo Beach.   Very interesting since I had just shot there the week prior.   Here this little adorable girl grabs securely onto her mothers finger!

Along with so many other moments on the wedding day – one of the best has to be immediately after the wedding as family, friends and loved ones greet the newly married couple.  I especially love these moments when the bride,groom, family and friends get emotional.  So much love and joy is present!  That’s what makes life so wonderful – EMOTION!

It’s always so hard to pick which few photos I will share in my blog post from each wedding out of a near 800-1000 photos per wedding.  Sometimes a picture will make the cut if it is a little different or out of the ordinary as the groomsmen silhouette below.

I love these three hams (below).    We quickly developed a little photography connection and soon reached a binding deal that every time I came to their table with camera in hand – they would have to come  up with a new pose that topped the last!   I believe they fulfilled their part of the contract.

DJ Cheetah led the festivities for the evening at the Pismo Beach Veterans Hall.  He did a great job and his cool light show and smoke machine helped enhance some of the reception photographs.  I’d highly recommend him as another great DJ I’ve worked with in the biz.

San Luis Obispo Photographers

What would life be with out cell phone and the ability to use them at all times!

Another one of the things I love about shooting weddings is the random individual shots I grab of people at the wedding through out the day.  The variety of characters, their responses to being photographed and their expressions are very interesting and delightful to me!  Of course children are my favorite but adults are cool too!

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

San Luis Obispo Photographer

Once again I am left feeling so very grateful to have had clients such as Kham and Brigitte to put all of my heart into working for on their wedding day.   I also stand in awe at the grace God has given me to have the gifting, equipment and opportunity to ply my passion for photography.   I truly hope the best for you guys and look forward to sharing with you soon your wedding day DVD slide show!



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  1. Brigitte & Keo could not have picked a better photographer to take these! I imagined the pictures to look great, but these were phenomenal and soooo creative! it was so fun to have Trent as the photographer! I would’ve never imagined the photos to come out like this, nor would anyone have caught all the great moments. Congratulations Brigitte & Keo!

  2. Kham & Brigitte

    Thank you Trent. It was a pleasure working with you and your team. Beautiful photos, we can’t thank you enough! We are so happy =)

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