Ed and Vanessa were married at the stunningly beautiful Loyola Marymount Sacred Heart Chapel.  It’s a stunning wedding venue and it was the perfect place for Ed and Vanessa to get married.  Ed and Vanessa were wonderful.  Words can’t express how kind, respectful and fun they are as people!  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I’ll have to keep my comments to a minimum on this blog post and just let the pictures do all the talking. A number of great contributions to this blog post were provided by my associate photographer Jerry, who teamed up with me to capture Ed and Vanessa’s wonderful Loyola Marymount University wedding!  Thanks Jerry!

Don’t forget to watch the wedding day slide show at the end of this post!




































































Ed and Vanessa, thanks so much for choosing me to photograph your wonderful wedding day.  It’s couples like you that remind me what a great job I have to be a wedding photographer.  Hoping all the best for you two as you enjoy life together as husband and wife…and now mommy and daddy!!!

With thanks,


Check out Ed and Vanessa’s wedding slide show at Loyola Marymount University Sacred Heart Chapel!


Loyola Marymount University Wedding. Sacred Heart Chapel. Ed and Vanessa. from ProImage Weddings on Vimeo.


The last wedding of the year (2012)  was simply phenomenal!  It was the 1st of December and weather called for rain…lots of rain!  Everyone was a little nervous about the that, but chose to be in good spirits anyway.  Amy and Brandon were married at the elegant and beautiful Spanish Oaks Ranch in Santa Margarita.   Amy and Brandon are very photogenic people, but they are both very genuine and kind people as well.  To top it off their families were just the same! I can’t even really express properly how nice it was to see Amy and Brandon get married and the wonderful time that was had by family, friends and photographer alike.  All I can really say in summary is – “It was epic!”   I worked this wedding alone as I normally do, as the sole photographer.




The morning started with the ladies at Faces Alamode Salon in San Luis Obispo.  This salon has some “personality”!





While the girls got ready, the guys had very important things to do. Important things like playing Jenga (the building block game) and a round or two of cards.





When all else fails, ask your buddies for assistance and they’ll make sure everything is just perfect!




A beautiful bouquet of wedding flowers is always a great pleasure to photograph!   Normally white flowers don’t contrast with a white wedding dress with much “pop”. However, notice how Amy’s wedding bouquet has shades of green and yellow in it. That makes a huge difference.  Amy’s bouquet was elegant, classy and beautiful, just like her.




Some might say on the wedding day we got lucky with the weather.  I think it was nothing short of a miracle!    All morning had been a complete down pour with the forecast being “rain all day”.  Surely the ceremony would have to take place inside – we all thought.  Then all of a sudden with 30 minutes to go before the ceremony, the skies above the Spanish Oaks Ranch begain to clear making way for white puffy clouds and blue skies!  Not only was it not raining, but it was stunningly beautiful!   The ceremony was readied for outside and the rest was history!   I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Every day God smiles on us in so many different ways.




The Spanish Oaks Ranch is an amazing wedding venue!    Less than 1 minute off the free way and yet you feel like you are out on a secluded Ranch dozens of miles from the city.  It also has the feel of a more elegant and classy ranch.  There are no old barns, rough bumpy dirt roads or endless flat ranch lands. To me it was more like a wonderland in the middle of a well groomed forest with rolling hills, pond and beautiful ranch house to top it off.



The second story of the Spanish Oaks wedding venue building has ample room for the bride and bridesmaids and groom and groomsmen to get ready while staying secluded from one another. What a view from upstairs too!

























Children are just amazingly fun.  I love the interesting expressions the give. Here’s a great example of the contrasts in personalities between children. One with an ever so serious look and the other one with his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he comes down the aisle.  Just awesome!



Brandon awaits for his hearts desire to walk down the aisle!  What a sweet moment!




















The below shot took a little extra effort. However, extra effort is worth it in my book. Not much in life worth great value is obtained with little effort!  This is the type of shot that Amy and Brandon will appreciate for the rest of their lives. How fun, to able to scan the whole crowd (even if it be with a magnifying glass) and see each and every person at their wedding!



Just as we finished the big group shot this little guy made a run for it – trying to escape.  The crowd looked on with marvelous joy and laughter…while his parents and I dashed out in front of him to make sure his escape would not be successful.




Such a little girl and yet she’s already marveling at her own artistic gift for taking great pictures!




Wonderful and memorable speeches were make by best man, maid of honor and father of the bride!




Wonderful and special moments captured not only of Amy and Brandon, but also between bride and father, groom and father and both sets of parents dancing with their own spouses!  Beautiful!




I was thinking:  “don’t do it, no don’t do it Amy and Brandon, don’t put the cake in each other’s faces…it’s just way to messy”.  They did it anyway!




Below, one groomsmen “spins” and the other gives me a look that says….well…?…..I don’t know what that look says?




This little flower girl is having a great time showing the bride her new favorite trick….dress over the face….yahoo!



Rock on my friends!




As the night neared a conclusion Amy and Brandon share a wonderful touching moment together, seconds before interrupted by a rowdy groomsman.





Thanks so much to Amy, Brandon and both of their families for entrusting me with the wonderful privilege and responsibility of capturing one of the most special days in all their lives.  It was such an honor to be your wedding photographer as well as be able to experience the joy, celebration and love of your special day!  There is no doubt you two have found a once in a lifetime love!



Check out Brandon and Amy’s Wedding Slide Show Below!

Spanish Oaks Ranch Weddings in Santa Margarita. Wedding Photography. Amy and Brandon. from ProImage Weddings Photography on Vimeo.


Mountain Terrace in Woodside California was the perfect wedding setting for two fun loving and great people to share one of the most special days of their lives. What a fun day it was to be the wedding photographer for Eric and Alyssa on a beautiful November day!  The view from this mountain top and fresh crisp air of Mountain Terrace only made the day even more wonderful. Everyone was in such a good mood!  Weddings like this remind me why I love what I do and the gift that that has been given to me to have one of my passions as my career!






When I arrived bright and early (as is often the case) the ladies hotel room was full of fun and laughter as the ladies stayed in comfortable attire as they they waited their turn with hair and make up.  You’ll see in a few photos below that they guys were up to the same…minus having their hair and make up done!











These kids are simply amazing!













Eric and Alyssa had a great time with their “first look” at the hotel before the ceremony.










Even this little guy can’t believe what an amazing love he is witnessing during the ceremony!







In case you are wondering…the handsome little guy sitting on Alyssa’s dress is Eric’s nephew.














What a wedding!!  Even the deer showed up and wanted some action, the party was great!




Eric and Alyssa, thanks so much for having me as your wedding photographer.  Both your engagement and wedding were tons of fun.  I hope and pray the very best for you two and both of your families. Keep in touch!





Jeff and Gilda celebrated their wedding at The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach.  Aka: The Portofino Hotel and Marina in Redondo Beach.   It was really fun putting this blog together as I remembered and relived the wonderful wedding day that Jeff and Gilda had. As I looked through the wedding photographs and painstakingly selected each wedding photograph to be used, I found myself smiling, laughing and sometimes welling up with tears as I reflected on what a beautiful, sincere and touching love that these two have for each other.  I was also touched by just how sweet and kind Jeff and Gilda are. They are just great people.  Just another reason why I have one of the best jobs in the world as wedding photographer!



The beautiful wedding morning started bright and early with Gilda and the girls at the the Portofino as the girls got ready. As usual I started with the detail shots. What a beautiful wedding dress and the rings were gorgeous as well!  For anyone considering getting married at the Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club, it is a great wedding venue!  I am so glad to often be a Portofino wedding photographer so often!



The Portofino Hotel and Yacht club is refined, classy and beautiful.  I get excited for every wedding I have at the Portofino because it is such a great wedding venue.




Ida of Ida Gardner Events did a fabulous job with the wedding planning!  She is a great wedding coordinator!






Yes, that is a wedding ring on ice!  It’s always fun to experiment with new ideas and textures to serve as a backdrop for the wedding rings.




















Jeff and Gilda had a first look before the ceremony. I scouted the Portofino for a good location for that time of the day and we went for it!  It’s always one of my favorite times to witness the lovely couple see each other for the first time on their wedding day!












I love capturing moments such as the one above. It was a candid real  moment of celebration between Gilda and her family after the wedding ceremony – everyone was so happy for each other and the beautiful love witnessed during the ceremony.  Just a beautiful and heart touching moment.















As you can see Jeff and Gilda’s first dance was filled with joy and lots of great emotion!








Two other wonderfully special parts of the reception were when Gilda’s neice sang a special song for her and Jeff.  Wow…this girl can sing!  I would not be surprised at all if you see her in the future “making it big”. Not that she needs to “make it big”. But with talent like she has, there is no doubt it would be possible.  The other special time came with a Thai water pouring ceremony where guests pour water over the couples hands and offer them some special words of advice, blessing or love to go along with it. Really sweet!






The reception was so fun and the dancing was “off the hook”. There were so many more pictures that I feel bad for not including, but time and space for this blog are limited. These are just the highlights. What a fun time. I wish I could go back and experience it all over again.  A lot of grooms don’t really dance much.  However, Jeff is a different story. He tore up the dance floor and I have to admit I had a smile from ear to ear while watching him. One of the best grooms on the dance floor EVER!  Go Jeff!



After the party had been raging for a good while, I suggested we go outside to make use of the beautiful city lights in the background. I arranged my special lighting set up, we started shooting and 6 minutes later we were done and we were back to the party!  Quite the stunningly beautiful, statuesque bride, Gilda is!




Simply put, uplighting can make a difference!



Jeff and Gilda’s wedding day truly was a miracle in many ways.  One of the ways that stuck out to me was this spectacular skyline! The day before the wedding I went out to the Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club to see where the sun would be and at what time and to go over ideas I had for the day.  It was very overcast and the sky was what photographers refer to as a “gray soup”.  Not really a usable backdrop for photos. But only a day later, we had this stunning sky!  I was so excited and blessed and happy for Jeff and Gilda that they would be able to look back for the rest of their lives and reflect on what an amazing day…and sky they had for their wedding.




Jeff and Gilda simply put: you guys are awesome. It was truly a great, great honor and privilege to be entrusted with your wedding photography.  Thank you for that trust and for being two really wonderful people.  I’m so blessed to know you and excited to know your love for each other is just getting started!  Blessings!



Check out Jeff and Gilda’s wedding day slide show from their wedding at the Portofino Hotel and Marina in Redondo Beach!

The Portofino Weddings In Redondo Beach. Jeff and Gilda from ProImage Weddings on Vimeo.

Jeff and Gilda were married at the beautiful and classy Portofino Hotel and Marina in Redondo Beach. Not only were Jeff and Gilda the perfect couple to provide wedding photography for, but the Portofino Hotel and Marina in Redondo Beach is a top notch wedding venue and a delight for any wedding photographer.

If you like, check out a few other weddings I’ve photographed at The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach

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