Michael and Melodie were married at the beautiful Alice Keck Park in Santa Barbara.  It was a great to have already gotten to know them on an engagement shoot months earlier. Michael and Melodie are really nice people and I was honored that they picked me to be their wedding photographer. The wedding at Alice Keck Park and the celebration afterwards at the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara were beautiful and fun.  I have to keep this wedding blog post a bit short as I’m about to photograph another wedding.




























Lubi and Yuliya were married at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens.  It was a beautiful afternoon in Los Angeles and everyone was excited and ready to see this joyous occasion unfold!   Lubi and Yuliya both live on the East Coast. Yuliya’s wonderful family lives in Los Angeles and Lubi’s amazing family lives continents away in Botswana.  It was a true blessing to see so many special family and friends from different cities, continents and people groups unite all because these two special people have fallen in love united in the commitment of marriage –  to live the rest of their lives together, bound together by invisible yet undeniably powerful bond of love!   I had been in touch with Yuliya for the last year as she planned this wedding. I know she worked extremely hard to make this special day just perfect.  All that hard work paid off Yuliya!  It was so cool to finally get to know and meet Lubi. What a great guy!






Before heading to the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens I photographed the bride getting ready as well as many detail shots at the Yuliya’s parent’s home.  I worked this wedding by myself.  There were 4 videographers at this wedding and I worked extremely hard to try to keep them out of Lubi and Yuliya’s wedding pictures. What a challenge!





Eventually, we made it to the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens.  As you can see Yuliya spent a lot of time and effort on many different details.  As usual, I did my best to capture as many of those details as possible.










Lubi and the guys got ready  at a location no too far from Yuliya’s parent’s home.  I shot over there to capture the Lubi and the groomsmen getting ready .  They were in good spirits and had a great time joking around with each other…and helping Lubi get ready.
















It was a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens!






Ceremonies can be challenging as a wedding photographer.  Not only do I need to work around videographers and try to compose my shots so that they are not part of the couples wedding pictures, but then there are family and friends who like to roam around and take pictures as well.   I have to say though I have never had this particular thing happen to me before.  Meaning…someone getting right up on the couple in the first kiss shot!!    I sure hope she got a good shot!  Fortunately, the couple just keep kissing so when the sweet lady finally went back to her seat, I was able to get a “clean” first kiss shot!    WOW!    Just when I think I’ve seen it all, there’s something new!    It’s the life of being a wedding photographer and humor is required!































A special thanks and congratulations to Lubi and Yuliya and all their loved ones.  What a fantastic and memorable wedding day you guys had.  Just amazing and wonderful!  Thank you for allowing me to be witness to your love and to be part of the fun celebration.  May your love for each other abound more and more each day!   All the best!



Just as an informational note, The Los Angeles River Center and Garden Weddings is located at: 570 W Avenue 26, Los Angeles, CA 90065.


Christopher and Rebecca’s beautiful wedding was celebrated at the Cambria Pines Lodge.  It’s always exciting to be at the Cambria Pines Lodge because it is such a beautiful and lush wedding venue.   The wedding was also particularly fabulous since it had a bit of international flare to it.  Christopher is from Scotland and Rebecca from here in the States.  The met in Vegas and the rest is history.  The way these two light up for each other was beautiful and touching.  The Cambria Pines Lodge proved to be the perfect wedding venue for this Scottish/American celebration of marriage!   I hope the wedding photographs do justice depicting their day!



It seems all girls are mesmerized by flowers, even little girls!




All the detail work and beading on this wedding dress, just had and continues to have me saying “wow”!















The garden’s of the Cambria Pines Lodge as well as the bride Rebecca, were simply stunning.




Don’t let the serious expressions fool ya. These guys were fun as they get!




The flowers were stunning as well, done by Harbor Floral in Morro Bay.



It was really fun hanging out with Christopher and the groomsmen as they have a particular witty sense of humor and were very relaxed and fun!  It was also very enjoyable for me, as a wedding photographer,  to shoot Christopher in a Scottish Kilt. The color and uniqueness of the kilts were vibrant and fun.  A Scottish bagpiper was a great touch as well.







What a treat to have a legit and talented bagpiper at the wedding.  If you are looking for a great bagpiper contact Bill Boetticher. His website is www.piperbill.com




The look on Christopher’s face, as his bride comes down the aisle – says it all!

















Let me just say this. As a wedding photographer, your wedding decor, uplighting, etc. make a big difference in the wedding photographs!











The night was a great and fun celebration!    Anthony Salas of Epic Entertainment did a great job as always with the music, DJ’ing, uplighting, etc.  You can find him at:   www.epicentertainmentslo.com    If you are looking for a wedding DJ that is Epic – he’s your guy!




Christopher and Rebecca it was a great honor and lots of fun to be present on your special day and to get to witness and record through wedding photography all the amazing happenings at your beautiful Cambria Pines Lodge Wedding!   The good old US of A will miss you Rebecca! However, I’m sure England will be all the better off to have your presence! Plus I’m sure you’ll visit your family often!  In any case I hope you guys enjoy a long life of love!   Let your love for each other shine!     A special thanks to the Kausen and Walker families!  You guys were generous and kind and made me feel like family.  What a wonderful group you are!



The Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria is located at  2905 Burton Dr  Cambria, CA 93428  (805) 927-4200 www.cambriapineslodge.com

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