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The Loyola Marymount Sacred Heart Chapel in Los Angeles is a dream come true for any wedding photographer.  The wedding venue is elegant, beautiful and much more. It’s just an ideal place to get married.  The campus is amazing…the perfect place for wedding photography! How fitting it was that Brandon and Melissa should get married there, since they are two very amazing and beautiful people in their own right.  Just perfect for each other!  The day  joyous day started  as usual with me photographing the wedding rings, wedding dress, and Melissa and Brandon’s “getting ready”.

Every wedding is kinda like  putting a puzzle together.  I say this because good wedding photography is the combination of good light, the right locations and backgrounds, time, opportunity, emotion, creativity and talent.  Just the right place to shoot the rings or hang the wedding dress is not always obvious or easily accessible. Many times it has to be searched for and found…like a real life puzzle. For example, on this wedding – there was no good place to hang the wedding dress in the hotel room.  The photograph below was actually in the elevator lobby on the third floor.  To accomplish this photo both of Melissa’s parents assisted me in transporting the dress and moving a dresser that was stationed underneath the picture frame!   Thanks Rick and Lisi!

Loyola Marymount University – beautiful, beautiful, simply beautiful! The perfect place for a wedding!

Did I say BEAUTIFUL wedding venue!

Subjects like Brandon and Melissa sure make my job a lot easier as a wedding photographer.  They are both photogenic and beautiful people.

Last year I had the privilege of shooting Brandon and Melissa’s engagement session.  It was a lot of fun and we got some great engagement photographs. I hope to share them in a future posting. One of them is framed in the top right photo (below)

I love  how Brandon was armed and ready with a fresh packet of tissue!

Melissa races to the elevator, through the hotel lobby to the waiting limo – ready to wisk her off to the wedding ceremony at Loyola Marymount Sacred Heart Chapel.

Individual bridal portraits of the bride and groom, as well as couple shots ,were taken on the Loyola Marymount University Campus.

As the father of the bride get’s ready to escort his daughter down the aisle it’s clear how much he adores her!

Second photographer: Jerry Giles captured the bride and her father making their way down the aisle from back view, while I captured them from the front of the LMU Sacred Heart Chapel at Loyola Marymount University.  A special thanks to Jerry, for his hard work and the photos he produced for the couple and this blog.

Melissa and Brandon had wisely planned for ample time after the ceremony to get couple shots once we had finished up with the formal family group photos.  Often times couple’s don’t or can’t allocate much time between their ceremony and reception…which results as a loss for themselves – since good wedding photography (particularly couple shots) requires a measure of time to get to locations and get the desired shots.

We continued on the Loyola Marymount University Campus with these wedding photographs.

Next Brandon and Melissa jumped in the limo for a few more shots before heading to the reception.

The reception was held at La Canada Flintridge Country Club.  The grounds there are beautiful and perfect for wedding photography in the hour leading up to sunset. Brandon and Melissa had wisely asked for my input on the wedding day time line. This allowed us to shoot at the Country Club during this ideal time.  We were able to steal these shots before heading in for their grand entrance!

The reception at La Canada Flintridge Country Club was full of fun, celebration and good times!  I was also able to utilize my special lighting system to add some back lighting and flare to the photographs.

There is no doubt that this years “Best Air Guitar Award” goes to this guy below!   Wine glass in hand, tongue sharply sticking out of his mouth and fan club “behind him”!    It’s definitely a “10”!!!!

The bride’s father Rick gives his toast and really get’s into it telling some stories!  Great job Rick, I loved your toast!

Here’s the view of the Los Angeles skyline from the balcony at  La Canada Flintridge Country Club.

When sunset came, Brandon and Melissa were more than game to head outside for some sunset shots from the balcony!

Home is where the heart is…and it was obvious where Brandon and Melissa had placed their hearts!  I think the below photograph represents that fact well!

Family and friends can view all of Brandon and Melissa’s wedding photographs at my online gallery http://proimage.zenfolio.com/f161301241.  You’ll need to get a password from the bride and groom. A disk containing all the high resolution image files may be purchase from me for around $50.

I like to thank  Brandon and Melissa for the pleasure it was to capture your love during your engagement session and especially your wedding day.   You have a great set of family and friends and I enjoyed being around them all. A special thanks to Rick and Lisi (father and mother of the bride) who worked with me on many small but important details to make sure everything was “just right” on Brandon and Melissa’s wedding day.  You guys were kind, helpful, respectful and fun to work with.

It’s easy to say we love some one, it’s a much harder thing to live it and show it – day in and day out.  Brandon and Melissa you’ve got a great start!  Your love for each other is clear and strong and your wedding day was filled with plenty of love. I pray that your love will grow and continue to blossom in the same way that I pray that my love continues to grow, thrive and blossom for my dear wife and love – Carmen!  Truly you two are blessed to have found each other as much as I am profoundly blessed to have found and married her!

Keep in touch touch my friends!



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