Slideshow Gallery


Relive the special moments and memories of your wedding day in a heartfelt and touching way.

All Gold, Platinum and Diamond Collections come with a DVD slideshow.

Much time, thought and heart are put into custom designing your wedding photographs into a moving presentation set to music – telling your love story emotionally and artistically. You choose the music – making it even more personal and meaningful. Brides commonly tell me that my slide shows make my work especially unique and valuable. The slideshow allows you to not only relive your wedding day, but also share it with those close to you – including those who were not able to attend your wedding. You’ll receive a DVD of your wedding day slideshow as well as a link to view and share it on line in HD.

Here are a few samples below. While the slideshows can seem a bit long (10-15 minutes), keep in mind that when it comes to your wedding, 15 minutes will fly by like a shooting star in the sky!























W e d d i n g s
E n g a g e m e n t s