It was a real pleasure to shoot Brent and Erin’s engagement session. Erin is such a sweetheart and Brent quite the gentleman.  We had planned to have the first part of our shoot at the beach.  However, the fog had rolled in quite strong.  So we opted to shoot in a field sitting just above the heaviest of fog.  Then we headed into San Luis Obispo for two more locations.  We had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to Brent and Erin’s wedding coming up soon!

It had well been over a year since I had originally met with Kham and Brigitte when they booked me to be their wedding photographer.  Finally, their glorious day had arrived and there was much excitement in the air as we all anticipated how the day would unfold.  Brigitte has been so kind, considerate and organized in all of our dealings that it left  me once again feeling so very blessed to have such clients to work for. She really put so much time and heart into making her wedding day happen that I really hope for her that it was all that she dreamed of and wanted and even more.  Kham is in the Marines and  has served our country with sacrifice and respect – and for that he has my utmost respect and gratitude.  I just don’t feel that our military men and women are given the thanks and appreciation that they truly deserve for the un imaginable sacrifice that they and their families make for our country.  To Kham and his fellow Marines – thank you!

To view all of Kham and Brigitte’s Wedding Photographs look for listing in The ProImage Online Gallery .   Please contact the bride and groom for the password.

We started out at the great Synergy Salon in Arroyo Grande where Brigitte and one of her bridesmaids Mae had their hair and make up done.  It’s a great Salon in a top notch facility.

Yes, those frosted diamond rocks are sitting on frosted ice!

Next we headed to Brigitte’s parents house where all the bridesmaids gathered upstairs for their final touches of make up and the groomsmen chilled downstairs watching world cup soccer.  The girls had plenty of room as you can see!

These pics were taken near Shell Beach on a Cliff that overlooks the ocean.    Due to the harsh lighting at around 3-4 I had to break out my special portable strobes so that the deep beautiful blues of the ocean could be utilized.

The ceremony was held at St. Paul The Apostle Catholic Church in Pismo Beach.   Very interesting since I had just shot there the week prior.   Here this little adorable girl grabs securely onto her mothers finger!

Along with so many other moments on the wedding day – one of the best has to be immediately after the wedding as family, friends and loved ones greet the newly married couple.  I especially love these moments when the bride,groom, family and friends get emotional.  So much love and joy is present!  That’s what makes life so wonderful – EMOTION!

It’s always so hard to pick which few photos I will share in my blog post from each wedding out of a near 800-1000 photos per wedding.  Sometimes a picture will make the cut if it is a little different or out of the ordinary as the groomsmen silhouette below.

I love these three hams (below).    We quickly developed a little photography connection and soon reached a binding deal that every time I came to their table with camera in hand – they would have to come  up with a new pose that topped the last!   I believe they fulfilled their part of the contract.

DJ Cheetah led the festivities for the evening at the Pismo Beach Veterans Hall.  He did a great job and his cool light show and smoke machine helped enhance some of the reception photographs.  I’d highly recommend him as another great DJ I’ve worked with in the biz.

San Luis Obispo Photographers

What would life be with out cell phone and the ability to use them at all times!

Another one of the things I love about shooting weddings is the random individual shots I grab of people at the wedding through out the day.  The variety of characters, their responses to being photographed and their expressions are very interesting and delightful to me!  Of course children are my favorite but adults are cool too!

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

San Luis Obispo Photographer

Once again I am left feeling so very grateful to have had clients such as Kham and Brigitte to put all of my heart into working for on their wedding day.   I also stand in awe at the grace God has given me to have the gifting, equipment and opportunity to ply my passion for photography.   I truly hope the best for you guys and look forward to sharing with you soon your wedding day DVD slide show!



I’m still a good number of shoots behind on my blogging.  Rather than blog the weddings I’m behind on – I’m taking care of the recent ones first and then will work my way back.  I feel bad that I’ve gotten behind – but my first priority is preparing for weddings, shooting weddings with all the zeal and heart I can muster and getting my clients their pictures, slide shows and albums –  in a speedy manner.  Unfortunately, blog posts have to take a back seat.

The wedding season is kicking into high gear and I am very excited in anticipation of the wonderful wedding adventures and couples that I have awaiting me.  It is so exciting to experience each venue, couple and the new and unique joys and challenges of every wedding.  I really do love my job as a San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer. This coming weekend I’m headed to Vegas to shoot a wedding.  It should not only be a blast but I’m excited at the sights and special moments I’ll be able to capture.

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Tony and Kelly’s wedding at the Santa Margarita Ranch.  Tony and Kelly manage stables and so the rustic, western Santa Margarita Ranch setting couldn’t have been a more perfect venue for them.  The Ranch is a really amazing venue!  Unique and charming to say the least.  I had shot Tony and Kelly’s engagement pictures just a few months ago (yet to be posted) and so it was no surprise that they were both a pleasure to work for.

It was also a pleasure to work with a great group of vendors.  Please see my comments below to hear more about the DJ, Florist and Wedding Coordinator.

One of the neat features of the Santa Margarita Ranch is the fact that there are all kinds of antique relics through out the property – from the barn, to the train, old wagons, a fire truck, airplane, etc., etc.   The barn itself is quite unique in that not only does it have quite a noteworthy history, but the inner walls of the barn are of made of stone.

The Ranch has a nice little cozy house for brides to get ready in.  Kelly was there nice and early to get ready for the big day.  As I always do, when I am allowed – I got there very early too – to get shots of Kelly getting ready as well as play with the rings, dress and shoes.

I never cease to be amazed by the cutest flower girls in the world that I see at each wedding.  These two were just adorable in spirit and beauty.

The beautiful floral arrangements were done by D and D Floral. There is no question in my mind that owner Debbie is one of the top three most professional, gifted and kind florist in the area.  Her work is always beautiful and amazing!

Ok, I have a confession to make…..I love ring shots.  I think brides do too!  That’s why if you’ll supply me with your rings well in advance of when I need to start shooting real people, I’ll do my best to to get some special ring shots for you.  I have a favorite out of the four shown here.  If you do too, add a comment at the end of this post and let me know which if any, you like the most.

Is it just me or is that lemon smiling?

San Luis Obispo, Atascadero, Paso Robles and Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding Photographer.

Tony and Kelly wanted to get some pictures out of the way before the wedding and were going to see each other anyway… so we set up a little rendezvous/first look for them so they could enjoy the moment together.  I think it is always fun to witness as well as photograph such moments.

Being a flower girl is a big responsibility.  There’s also a lot of pressure that goes along with it.  I mean everyone is expecting to see “cuteness” and “adorableness”.  Sometimes mom has to step in to give the old “flower girl pep talk”.

This little guy is just as adorable.  What a character!

Wedding coordination was done by Jenn at Allure Event Designs. Jenn did a great job and the day ran smoothly and on time  (which is a minor miracle in the wedding business).   Jenn is an experienced professional and great at what she does. She is courteous and a pleasure to work with.  I put my comment about Jenn and Allure Event Designs here – because it was her and her assistant that placed these flowers down the aisle  with ever so much care.  The day had gotten a bit breezy and so they wanted to wait close to the ceremony before laying the flowers down – so they would not blow away before the ceremony.  Great job Jenn and thanks for making the day run smooth so that my job was much easier.

My assistant stole this great shot of the ring bearer watching the bride making her glorious descent down the aisle.  I just love the comparison and contrast between his and the groom’s expressions.

Kids often times seem to be fascinated with me.  I always wonder what it is that grabs them….my childlike nature, my bald shiny head or the camera that seems to be glued to my bald shiny head?

Tony and the guys were running late to get to the ranch.  To make it on time they flew in.  The only problem was that they crashed the plan as they landed. Fortunately, I was right there to get a couple pictures of the crash landing.  No one was harmed, but the FAA did have to come in to investigate.

I love this shot of Tony and Kelly standing just outside the barn – preparing to make their grand entrance. What I love about it is that they were totally unaware that I was shooting them and their looks of joy and anticipation are just splendid.

Tony’s little horse/cowboy dance as he came in was awesome!!  Yeehaw!

Future wedding clients (below) eh?!!

It’s just a stab in the dark – but my guess would be that this flower girl, like the bride, has been around plenty of horses before!

Check out the shirt on this little guy.  “Lock up your daughters” – is right!

The candid, real moments of the first dance are always some of my favorites.

Not the most zealous air guitar I have ever seen Tony – but I still loved the way you rocked it!

Every cake cutting is a new adventure.  Every couple must walk this journey for themselves and make their own decisions…..and live with the results/consequences!   Let’s just say it can get a little messy.

Del from Entertainment Now – was the DJ for the night.  Del also took care of the sound/music needs for the ceremony.  Del is the perfect professional and has just the right personality to be a great DJ – knowing just when to say the right things – adding a lively and energetic presence to your event – with out being pushy or cheesy.   Del is one of the most experience and accomplished DJ’s in the area.  I always get an extra shot of assurance when I work with him – because I know that he knows what he is doing and he always does everything he can to keep me informed so that WE can work together for the best of the bride and groom.

You guessed it.  That’s  yours truly and one of my assistants – Tatiana.  Photographers like to have fun too  – and every once in a while you’ll find me on the other side of the lens.  I set Tony up with my camera to get the shot.  Thank Tony and great shot!

Tony and Kelly allocated time to leave their reception at sunset so that we could get some couple shots when the light was at it’s best.  It was difficult for them to leave their guests for 15 minutes or so – but I think it was well worth it to get the pictures – you can only get when the time and light are just right.  Some couples are willing to do this, others are not.  I’m photographer, so  of course my vote is for “let’s do it!”  However, it’s a decision only each couple can make for themselves and I always will respect whatever that decision is for you.  It is your wedding day and you should be  able to enjoy it however you want. It breaks my heart as a photographer when I have couples who miss out on these type of pictures, but it is their wedding day and their priorities should rule.

Just a very, very small sampling of the over 1100 pictures I will deliver to Tony and Kelly, but it has been fun sharing them and I hope that you have enjoyed them also.

Tony and Kelly – thanks for the privilege.  May your marriage continue to be filled with love, laughter and beauty!



Owner –  ProImage Weddings

I had a very cool engagement shoot with Ruben and Amber.  We had a blast hitting the Japanese Gardens at Cal State Long Beach and then heading to Costa Mesa where we hit the Orange County Performing Arts Center.  There wedding is in San Diego in just a number of days.    Their engagement session was a blast and their wedding will be more of the same.  Again, I only have time for a few favs and I’m keeping my comments short. Ruben and Amber, thanks for the great time shooting and treating me to dinner as well!!!

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