Are You Buying The Corona Fear Feast?


Are you willing to take an honest look at what is going on with the Corona virus lock down?

Hi, my name is Trent. I have a wedding photography business. One would have to say that a wedding blog is a strange place to talk about the current “Covid – 19 pandemic/crisis”. Undoubtedly, it is. However, this is my little piece of the internet where I can share my thoughts in a format I like. So here I go!

I don’t particularly like to debate, stir up controversy or deal with blowback. However, I’m not afraid of it either if the cause is right. Since I sincerely care about people I’ve decided to share the following thoughts regarding the current Corona virus narrative. There’s been many times in my life I wish someone would have opened my eyes to what was really going on, rather than let me fumble in the darkness of ignorance. It often takes a lot of humility to listen to another viewpoint, so I hope and pray if you’re reading this you will be humble enough to have an open mind.

Dr. Ioannidis

I’m interrupting my own original blog posting to insert and share the below interview. This is by far the most stunningly informative, transparent, calm level headed expert interview – regarding Covid 19 I have ever seen. Dr Ioannidis is a professor of medicine and professor of epidemiology and population health, as well as professor by courtesy of biomedical data science at Stanford University School of Medicine, professor by courtesy of statistics at Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences, and co-director of the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS) at Stanford University.

It’s Easy To Miss What’s Going On Right Around You

Many years ago a man came by my grandfather’s house in Wisconsin offering to give him a great deal on re-doing his roof. They went up on the roof to assess its’ condition. Shortly thereafter the real purpose of the solicitation was discovered. While my grandfather and the man were up atop the house, another man was down in the house taking what he wanted. Grandpa got tricked. Distracted by what seemed like a legit sales call, oblivious to what was really going on. The scam was pretty easy pickings.


If you’re willing to look, you’ll see that a similar scam is being played on the world using the popular narrative surrounding the Convid – 19 pandemic to accomplish the robbery.  The popular narrative is fear, fear and fear and panic mixed with more fear. This narrative is being used to distract the world from what is really going on as the non suspecting public who are sincerely concerned about the health and safety of themselves, their loved ones and the rest of the world. It’s not necessarily that the crisis has been manufactured, but that it’s being overblown and more importantly being used as an opportunity for globalist seized power, money and manipulate the public into a fear feeding frenzy.

What has shocked me the most in this crisis is just how predominantly people have bought into it with seemingly little question. The world has virtually shut down a large portion of its’ economy for weeks and months at a time! Do you understand how much utter devastation this is and WILL bring?? The best illustration I can give is as follows and I don’t think this is an exaggeration in illustrating my point. Let’s say you were in a room you could not escape from and where there was an unknown level of toxic gas. Experts told you that if inhaled, there would be a 3.4% chance of death. Next experts told you the safest course of action to eliminate the risk would be to stop breathing, thus preventing any way for potentially deadly gas to get to your blood stream and reaching your brain. Sound like a good plan?

The current popular narrative has convinced most underlying national and local governments and societies in general around the world that cutting off the oxygen to the world economy, forcing mass quarentine is the only real solution to the pandemic. Does government and society itself have ANY IDEA the utter devastation, poverty and yes – even death these severe, never in history done before, drastic actions will produce for years to come?

[*More on Sweden later but guess what folks: Sweden is not “locking down” – yet they are surviving by letting Covid – 19 run it’s natural course. What a novel idea! Yes, I understand Sweden has differences from other larger and more dense countries. I will also note the decision to not lock down is quite the topic of controversy and while the popular media first reported just how disastrous it was for Sweden to rebel against popular consensus, more recently there are some indications its’ actually working

However, the point is A) Sweden is not on lockdown and it’s not the end of the world for them.  B) The popularized idea that the virus can be contained or “the curve flattened” without running its’ natural course would be comical were it not for the devastation that it idea is brining. It’s akin to the government putting in a plan to stop flowers from being pollinated this Summer. You can’t stop a virus, especially once it has already started to spread. We’ve all been confined to our homes for what a month now (I don’t even know lol) and we have reports “it’s working…the curve is being flattened” (and yet people are still contracting Covid – 19! Why is that? Well, simple it’s a virus! They spread. Of course if you keep everyone locked in the boxes of their homes – the rates will go down OF COURSE. If we all put plastic bags over most of our plants, most of them will not get pollinated. But you can’t keep everyone locked in boxes forever! Once released from our cages the virus WILL RUN IT’S’ course naturally!!! You can slow down the spread of the virus, but you can not stop it. All we are doing is making the virus take more time to run its’ course while at the same time generating a enormous wake of financial ruin. The Swedes aren’t stupid, they understand this! People argue we are saving more lives. That is likely the case. However, we could all give up our cars and save lives. We could outlaw swimming pools and save lives. We could require people to obtain from fast food and save lives. We could go on lock down for 12 months straight – “and more lives would be saved!”]

Now let me make it clear. I am not arguing that Covid – 19 is not real or that people are not dying. It’s real, people are dying and it does represent a risk at overwhelming our health care system. There are no easy and perfect solutions .

The first question we must humbly, sincerely and un biasedly ask is this:

Is the world, the government and media over reacting, over hyping and misrepresenting the severity and risk of the current health crisis…and is the utter economic devastation that the current course of action will produce worth it?? 

Every day we are getting bombarded by the media telling us: “The bodies are piling up, you’re in grave danger; be afraid – be very afraid: today’s death count is xxx: you could die, alert-alert 12 more cases reported in such and such county; if we don’t do x, y and z there will be 2.2 million deaths or more!!! Do what we say!”  The amount of fear I hear and see from people online and around town is off the charts. Let’s get a grip. The reported US Convid – 19 death toll has not even reached the 2017-2018 flu death toll yet! In ancient times when a plague hit whole families would go to bed and be dead by morning. Let’s take this virus serious, but let’s look at it for what it is, not for what the media would like you to think it is.

I know it seems like I went on a bit of a rant there, so let’s just set aside everything for a moment and just look at some emotionless numbers.

Here are some statistics to help put things in perspective. about what is going on. Let’s see if you can figure out what is going on just by looking at some statistics:

Here’s the current stats attributed to Convid – 19 here in the U.S.

(*as of 04/21/20) (*note we won’t even argue about the validity of these numbers here but will leave that for later…let’s just assume for a moment they are accurate)

792,913 total cases

42,2517 deaths

678,007 active cases

13,951 serious/critical cases

Here’s the annual flu stats in the U.S.

-9 million to 45 million illnesses 

-140,000 to 810,000 hospitalizations 

-12,000 to 61,000 deaths  

In 2017-2018 61,000 deaths in the US were attributed to the flu.

CDC estimates that in the US annually since 2010, the flu has resulted in: 

In fact, let’s look at the last 8 reported/recorded flu seasons:

In the U.S. alone, the flu has caused an estimated 38 million illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

See anything interesting?   Any thoughts jump out at you when you look at how many people die from the flu every year compared with the number of deaths attributed to Convid – 19?

Here’s my point: So far (if we accept the Corona deaths as actually having been caused by Corona), less people have died than in the 2017-2018 flu seasons and yet we’ve taken the most severe actions of shutting down our economy and putting the country on mass quarantine. Something we’ve never done before in the history of our country.

The flu and Covid – 19 are not the only mortal threats the world and the citizens of the U.S. face on an annual basis. Here’s what people in the U.S. died from in 2014. (Quite average and a fair representation of annual deaths for most years)

614,348  Heart disease

591,700  Malignant neoplasms

147,101  Chronic lower respiratory diseases

135,928  Accidents

133,103  Cerebrovascular diseases

93,541    Alzheimer’s disease

76,488    Diabetes mellitus

55,227    Influenza and pneumonia

48,146    Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis

42,826    Suicide

38,940    Septicemia

38,170    Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis

30,221    Hypertension /hypertensive renal disease

26,150    Parkinson’s disease

18,972    Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids

535,737  All other causes

2,626,418 Total Deaths

Having looked at the current deaths related to or caused by Covid -19 and the deaths caused by all other things – what is the greatest threat to America’s safety?

Next let’s look at it world wide.

Here’s the current illnesses and deaths attributed to Covid – 19 World Wide:

(*as of 04/20/20)

291,00 to 646,000 deaths world wide are attributed to the flu annually (CDC).

Seeing anything?

Let’s keep going:

3,000,000,000 Live on live on less than $2.50 a day.

805,000,000 people do not have enough food to eat

750,000,000 people do not have adequate drinking water

842,000 die from causes related to poor sanitation/hygiene

Each year, about 1,000,000 children under the age of five die from malaria

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that as many as 25,000 people lose their lives as a result of hunger EVERY DAY. That adds up to roughly 9.1 million people who die of starvation each year.


CRISIS brings two major players to the table. The first is DISTRACTION. If you’re reading a book and notice your kitchen on fire, you’ll drop that book in a heartbeat and give all your attention to the fire. A crisis requires all your attention. The second player is FEAR AND PANIC. Fear and panic are effective tools to get people to do things they would not ordinarily do, accept things they would otherwise reject and to implement radical changes they would never let take place without such an “emergency”. Crisis is also the perfect breeding and feeding ground for mis information, manipulated and/or untrue facts and the promulgation of herd thinking – even amongst scientist and “experts”.

Yes, this “crisis” is BEING USED” to dupe, trick, hood wink the world into radical, radical change which in time will mushroom into an oppressive enslavement.

I’m not saying Covid -19 is unreal, or that it is not a public danger. Nor am I saying Covid – 19 was created by the government. What I am saying is that this type of “hyped crisis” is exactly the opportunity that can and will be used to capitalize on in order to manipulate the masses.

So Trent what exactly do you think this crisis is being used for?? I’m glad you asked : )

To put in the simplest and most concise terms possible:

1) The government and media are pumping society with massive amounts of fear. Constant Corona death counts, estimates of potential death counts and the grave danger we risk if we don’t heed their advice and orders. (why is the government and media not daily sounding the alarm 9,000,000 people will starve to death this year)  Society seems to be readily feasting on this fear feeding frenzy, buying the narrative hook, line and sinker and eager to comply with whatever they are told to do in the name of “keeping safe”.

2) The catastrophic controlled demolition of society’s finances and our financial system (halting most of society’s economic activity for weeks and months!!!!!) is/will be used for the following:

A) Funneling unspeakable amounts of money to corporate America (6 TRILLION DOLLARS….for starters…We just did something similar in 2008!!)(ya but I’m getting my crumb sized $1200 check too…that will pay all my bills for 3 months…lol)

B) Ushering in a new monetary system (Digital Currency)

C) Promoting and facilitating the globalist and technocratic agenda where by power and control are becoming more and more centralized, controlled and where technology controlling human activity is viewed as the solution.

D) Ushering in a new age of surveillance, tracking and mandatory compliance for “The sake of society’s health, benefit and SAFETY”

E) Society surrendering vast amounts of privacy and freedom in the name of safety/for the good of society but in reality for a government and world that is ever increasingly grabbing every ounce of total control, total surveillance total monitoring of society possible.

F) Facilitating implementation of the long planned and lusted after 5G network to bringing about the INTERNET OF ALL THINGS. Everything from our appliance usage, purchases, energy consumption, body temperature and real time movements can and will be monitored. How will we be protected from “the next outbreak”? Simple: the 5G Savior is here!  Have you received the latest mandatory vaccination? Contact and travel tracing. Have you been flagged by the government as a danger to the health of society. Who is safe, who is not safe? 5G will make it all possible by monitoring everything in real time. But don’t worry, the government can be trusted with your information and besides they will keep us all “safe”.

The hyping and fearmongering of this crisis is being used and will be used in the future to bring about the above mentioned changes (for starters) slowly yet surely when and if they can’t be implemented quickly.  Remember: you don’t boil a frog by putting it in scaling hot water. No, you put him in room temperature water and slowly turn the heat up so that it doesn’t even notice it’s being cooked.

As big as this Covid – 19 pandemic has been built up, I suspect the crisis will fade just as quickly as it came onto the scene. Just watch, people will still be getting the virus. People will still be dying. Regardless and magically the narrative will change:  “Ok, we’ve turned down the curve, things are ok now, go back to work. Now we just have to do X, Y and Z. The changes this crisis will bring to society through the scare that was created around it will last for decades. Now we must be prepared for the next viral threat. A system of monitoring must be implemented. Vaccines and vaccine certifications cards, chips, etc. an array of guidelines must be adhered to and freedoms must be surrendered “for the good of the public”. Contact tracing must be vigorously be put into place so that in the case of a viral threat we can protect society. If you are deemed a public health threat you can be locked up. The If you don’t comply you are selfish and don’t care about others and are choosing to contribute to the deaths of others. After all, this is not because the government wants to monitor you.  It’s all to help and protect society. Now remember, this collection of information and the tracking of all society is and will be protected and the government would never use this information for anything other than to protect the safety and well being of society!!! The GLOBALIST agenda is taking over. If you don’t see it maybe you are not looking.  Don’t be duped people!! After 911 the government decided it was ok to listen to every one of it’s own citizens illegally…for our safety. Now they will step it up by being “justified” to monitor and rule your very body and trace your very movements in the name of protecting the world!  (who can argue with that!) This isn’t fantasy. World organizations, world leaders, Federal, State and local leaders are already talking about such things. 

All this because of the current 170,000 worldwide deaths “attributed to” Convid – 19. While at the same time over 600,000 Americans alone die from heart disease and 9,000,000 people around the world die from starvation every year. Yes, the world is being DUPED!  Most people are seemingly buying it hook line and sinker.

(*Did you know the CDC has instructed Coroners to code deaths as Convid – 19 deaths – that they “suspect or presume as Convid -19 deaths”??  Officials are also tallying Corona deaths for anyone who had Covid – 19 at the time of death. There is a crucial distinction between dying from Convid – 19 and dying while having Covid – 19). Just because one has Covid – 19 certainly doesn’t mean they died from it! People are dying every day from all sorts of causes! You can be sure the reported deaths from Covid – 19 are inflated for. Many many are actual Corona deaths and how many are not. We can only guess if the coding methods remain as stands. Guessing does not equate with science. If you think my claims of such taking place is fiction – please watch some of the videos and see for yourself.

One final group of thoughts before I encourage you to watch the videos included in this post. It’s a well known and agreed upon fact, that in the US and especially in other parts of the world (where the most extreme poverty exists), poverty often times causes and contributes to MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DEATH. How much MORE poverty do you think shutting down most of the world’s economic activity will have??  If things were bad for impoverished nations (and they were) do you think they will get much worse when all the other “non impoverished” countries start hurting as their economies worsen? When prosperous countries that normally give massive amounts of aid to poor countries start hurting it is a near certainty that they won’t be able to give as much. In fact, the problems the shut down is causing for supply lines makes it certain – aid will flow in at a much lesser rate, if at all. When this happens, how much more death do you think it will cause? Do you think this shut down of the world economy is not already having much more devastating effects on poor countries than ours??  The amount of death that has and will be caused by this world shut down is unspeakable. But you won’t hear this fact from your popular media or government narrative any more than at most a quick passing mentioned side note. No, what you are hearing is death counts and how you need to be fearful because you could die! The lock down is likely saving lives. But how many is it costing at the exact same time?? The generational and global poverty and death that will be caused by this over reaction will be hardly fathomable.

Let me sadly tell you this my friends. Here in the United States and around the world – life long worked for businesses are closing, bankruptcies, defaults, out of work masses, auto repos, foreclosures, and evictions WILL be coming in MASSIVE waves. It’s just beginning. There will me masses and masses of people in financial ruin. There already is. You can’t tell someone to stop breathing, to stop taking in oxygen – before the results of such actions manifest in short order. Similarly when you take away people’s livelihoods for weeks and months at a time, people’s finances crumble and die. What happens if in 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years if another virus comes on the scene. They’re already talking about how the virus will likely come back in the winter. Do you really think the world can survive if we just keep shutting down for months at a time? Money does not grow on trees last I checked. It’s absolute insanity and the world is being duped!

It took the United States 3 centuries to rack up 24 trillion in debt. Now in a matter of months we’re adding to the already back breaking amount by 6 trillion dollars more and those funds are already running out. 

We can’t just keep printing money without dire effects. If we think we can, we fail to learn from history. When you create seemingly limitless amounts of money out of thin air the result is inflation and worse. Eventually, that bubble will burst and it won’t be pretty. The shutdown of America’s economy for days, weeks and months at a time is astonishing and will be devasting – even more than we already can see. The shutdown of the United State’s and the world’s economy is the bigger crisis and a crisis that has been chosen.

Let me re-quote what I mentioned earlier:

[A CRISIS brings two major players to the table. The first is DISTRACTION…The second player is FEAR AND PANIC. Fear and panic are effective tools to get people to do things they would not ordinarily do, accept things they would otherwise reject and to implement radical changes they would never let take place without such an “emergency”. Crisis is also the perfect breeding and feeding ground for mis information, manipulated and/or untrue facts and the promulgation of herd thinking – even amongst scientist and “experts”.]

“The crisis” came. Fear and panic followed closely behind. Now we are beginning to implement the radical changes and accept things that in the absence of a crisis would be rejected outright.

Things are not always what they seem my friends. Don’t be duped!

As my remarks are completed for now, may I ask that you watch the videos that I’ve embedded below. You’ll find documented information and straight talk you simply won’t hear from the mainstream entertainment media. I’d request you give them a look. If you disagree with me or the videos, that’s fine. I’m just asking you to consider the facts and arguments with an open mind. Many people are suspicious of what has been going on. It simply doesn’t pass the “smell test”.  The facts contained in these videos may help you see what is going on from a broader view and a broader agenda. If you are happy and content to accept the simple and popular narrative being fed to you by the corporate owned media, no need to further explore to. But if you are willing to consider documented alternative sources and are a truth seeker like me, please have a look.  

If you have things you’d like to share with me, I’d be happy to give them a look as well with full consideration.

Here are the videos. Please take a look:

Video 1: Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics

Take a look at Cornova virus from a medical view point, giving especial attention to how Corona virus numbers that we hear about in the media on a daily basis are derived. What are some experts saying that you won’t hear in the popular media?

Video 2: The Greatest Depression:

What type of things are happening with the Federal Reserve and world banks that you may be un aware of.

Video 3: The 5G Drag Net

How will 5G be used against society in the future. Particularly interesting since this video was made 9 months ago and fits perfectly into  “a solution”  for the current crisis and the coming lock down on humanities freedoms.

Video 4: Medial Martial Law 2020

Are there long made plans in place for Martial Law, ready to be implemented if need be. How will they affect your rights…or do you even have any?

If you made it his far, thanks for reading and if you care to communicate I’m all ears.

Thank you.



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