Time To Think:

8 Steps To WEAKEN A Group’s Immunity

(This is not medical advice for individuals or groups, this is just theory as to how, if you wanted, to WEAKEN a group of people’s immune systems …how it would be done…in theory only)

Limit/suppress the amount of sunlight they get. Sunlight helps produce vitamin D, a key ingredient for your immune system.

Limit/suppress their exercise. Exercise helps get rid of toxins, increases naturally occurring immune fighting agents in your body. Possibly THEE most important factor to your immune system is stimulating it through exercise. If possible, keep them in their homes, where it’s possible they could exercise but most likely won’t. This will almost certainly add to the 600,000 people who die from cardiovascular deaths, every year, as well as add to those who get and die from cancer.

Isolate people and limit social interactions. This is possibly thee most effective way to hurt their immune systems. People were designed to socialize. Without it, studies have shown it weighs very heavily on people’s immune fighting capability. Additionally, if you keep them isolated inside, they will come in contact with less other attacks on their immune systems. When this happens, their immune system is suppressed from lack of use. A similar effect to lack of muscle use, producing atrophy. Lastly, if you isolate them and greatly reduce the populations exposure to each other – you will suppress their ability to develop group/herd immunity. While many will think “great infections rates are going down”, actually what will be happening is group immunity is being slowed and/or prevented.

Instill fear, worry, stress. This can be done by telling people over and over again that they are in grave danger. Do this on a daily basis. Also effective is cherry picking sensationalized horror stories for people to focus on making them feel like the world is on the brink of catastrophe. If possible, try to shape the narrative of media outlets. People are conditioned to believe nearly all they see and hear on the TV no matter if it is embellished, taken out of context or amplified in its’ meaning, so this is very effective.

Induce depression by taking away people’s purpose, their job, the social networks, their hope for the future, their financial means. When people don’t have money for rent, food, bills, debt, the doctor, gas, insurance, utilities etc. It stresses them out and will decimate their immune systems.

Keep people from focusing on proper nutrition, through diverse food and/or vitamin supplements. Only talk about vaccines, never about nutrition or their immune system stimulation. Particularly effective is if you talk bad about vitamins and censor from YouTube and Facebook any talk of its’ help or worth. You can label any talk of the benefits of vitamins as contradicting the World Health Organization and remove them. Let people know vitamins are very dangerous. People on the internet like to focus on Vitamin C. It’s s good to get people scared of Vitamin C, since we know people often take it when they have colds or the flu and some people say it helps them greatly. So really attack that one. Since the human body and immune system is a complete system all working together in balance to protect them, divert focus away from this and focus attention on pills, shots and other isolated quick/easy/simple symptom “fix-alls”. Whether it be a White House press conference, State Governor or local press release never talk to the public about how to stimulate their own immune system through exercise, sunlight, nutrition and social interaction. Keep them scared and focused on a vaccine.

Reduce each individual’s oxygen intake by having them wear a mask. Not only will this reduce their intake of oxygen, but it will also increase carbon dioxide in their system since the mask blocks some of this from being expelled completely from their mouths. They’ll be re inhaling small amounts of carbon dioxide, virus or other items their lungs are seeking to expel. Merely the obstruction over their breathing passageways will put their bodies in a certain degree of stress, sensing the obstruction. Also, as any virus collects on their mask from the air or from their hands when they reposition the mask it will then get transferred to other places they touch, including their face.  This will help infect them and others. This is why World Heath Officials originally said masks don’t help.

Limit people’s ability to get medical attention. It doesn’t matter if this is for critical chronic or acute conditions or for regular essential health maintenance. The progression of the decline of their medical issues itself added to the stress, fear and worry of not getting the medical attention they need will wear on their immune systems. This is particularly true for those with already weakened or compromised immune systems as well as the elderly, etc. The fact that due to under use of the hospitals some may be pressured to close their doors pertinently – could help induce further stress and immune system compromise as well.

With this 8 step system to weaken people’s immune systems you are sure to get effective results.

Now you may be asking yourself, why in the world would someone publish such a list as this? Because sometimes the obvious trap in front of you is so obvious, you don’t’ see it – and you walk right into it.

Sometimes, society like a tightly packed herd of sheep begins to walk towards a cliff so quickly and blindly, they don’t see anything besides the sheep they are packed in with, the fear among them and the direction they are going, not where that direction is leading them.

Someone must speak up. We all must speak up and wake up.

With all care, concern and love,