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What had been a cold, windy couple of days turned into a very beautiful day for my adventures with Eric and Alyssa. The day was filled with excitement as I traveled to San Francisco to spend half a day with Eric and Alyssa for their engagement session. My career as a professional wedding photographer is truly a great blessing.  I get to travel the state, seeing great sights where ever couples in love contract my services.  It was great to get to know Eric and Alyssa, spend the day laughing and joking around and capturing these pictures. The only awkward moment for the day was when we noticed the completely naked older man on the beach just sitting there completely exposed. Well I’ll leave it at that. Here’s to celebrating Eric and Alyssa as they build a bridge of love!

We started the shoot at San Francisco City Hall.  It was a holiday so the building was closed and we had no opportunity to shoot inside with its’ glorious ceilings and halls. However, the outside is cool too!


To me there is nothing better than capturing a couple’s candid joy and laughter! The below two photos encapsulate that to me.






In case you are wondering, the below/left photo is a reflection of Eric and Alyssa in the pond at the Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park.







Finally, we ended up at Baker Beach with the great view of the Golden Gate Bridge!  By now, it did start to get a bit nippy but Eric and Alyssa did great!  San Francisco is an excellent place for engagement pictures.





The day wouldn’t have been complete with out a great sunset!  I was thrilled to see the sunset unfold in to this beauty!




A great day, a great couple…plenty of great memories.  Thanks Eric and Alyssa!  I’m excited to shoot your wedding towards the end of the year!  Keep building that bridge of love!





Happy go lucky, fun, upbeat, living life with enjoyment, spunk and an endless love!  That’s how I would describe Tyler and Katie. What a great day, what a great wedding. Another beautiful and glorious day to be a wedding photographer.  Tyler and Katie’s wedding was held at St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church in Dana Point – Orange County  The spirited reception was held at the  beautiful and lavish Pacific Hills Banquet Hall in Laguna Hills.

The wedding photography fun started early at the hotel with Katie’s “getting ready” and the detail shots.














Katie turned a blind eye to all speed limit laws and raced with her girls to the St. Edward The Confessor Church in Dana Point.  Go Katie, go!


After a number of attempts…we only needed one more groomsman to make “lift off” and we’d have the whole group air born!  So close! I don’t know how many times I was laughing my head off shouting, “one more time…one….two…THREE!”

Life is full of temptations.  This handsome little guy ponders his choices and then makes the right choice!     You’re off to a good start, stay on track and just walk away my man. In the future remind yourself to stay away from groomsmen, they can be a bad influence!

 Next we headed to the reception held at the beautiful St. Edward The Confessor Church in Dana Point.

Two lives are about to unite as one!  Katie and her proud dad head down the aisle at St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church, as her dad is about to give her away to her husband to be Tyler.


The large sanctuary at St. Edward The Confessor Church is modern, beautiful and allows plenty of natural light in through it’s large glass windows.

I was happy to be joined for the day  by my second shooter – photographer Jerry Giles.  We always have a great day together as we have as much fun as we can while we work as hard as we can.  Every wedding we both work with the mindset that we are there to serve the couple on their most special day.   Jerry captured this shot of the couples first kiss from the balcony.

Tyler and Katie’s first moments together as husband and wife.

Tyler and Katie head outside as husband and wife to start their new lives together!

I always try as many different things with the wedding ring shots as possible. In the photograph below I was able to balance the wedding ring on top of the grooms ring, which sat on the bride’s beautiful engagement ring.  Every ring is different in size, weight, shape and how it will balance.  It’s rare I am able to get them to balance just the way I want to.

With the wedding ceremony over, we headed outside on church grounds for some couple shots.










The Pacific Hills Banquet Hall in Laguna Hills is a stylish wedding venue. It is a great place to hold your wedding reception and/or ceremony.  Classy, clean, roomy and great service.  I think Tyler and Katie made a great choice.






The reception begins.  Here’s a few of the most memorable entrances of the bridal party and wedding couple!





Some of the above and below candid wedding reception moments are always my favorites.   Nothing compares to real, non staged laughter, silliness, tender moments, heartfelt love, etc.  That’s what I love so much about being a wedding photographer. I have the honor and privilege to photograph these moments. By the time the reception unfolds everyone is just being themselves, having fun and expressing themselves in light of the wonderful celebration of the couple’s wedding day!

During the money dance one of Tyler’s friends decides to “make it rain up in here!”


That’s Tyler on the floor “doing the worm”!  Go Tyler!


Kids are always a special presence at each wedding.  You just can’t beat their innocence, joy, and other angelic qualities!  Ok, they can be a bit mischievous sometimes too.  But that is just as fun to photograph!




As we did couple shots near sunset time I had to ask Tyler to step out for just a few minutes so I could get some individual silhouettes of his beautiful bride Katie.  Such a great opportunity could not be wasted!



A heartfelt congratulations to Tyler and Katie on their wonderful wedding day and the special love they have for each other.  It was a special honor to have the joy of photographing your wedding day from start to finish.  May your days of loving each other be endless!   Keep in touch.



Beautiful white clouds sprinkled the rich blue sky as Phillip and Andie enjoyed their sweet and blissful wedding!    Their gorgeous wedding took place at: The Gardens At Peacock Farms in Arroyo Grande – one of the very best wedding venues on the Central Coast. I don’t think I could have asked for a more kind and photogenic couple. The couple as well as the bridal party, family and friends were in great spirits, ready to party and were a pleasure to be around.  I arrived early to ensure I had plenty of time to photograph the details including the wedding rings, shoes, wedding dress and everything in between.

As mentioned above, The Garden’s At Peacock Farms, located in Arroyo Grande is a gorgeous wedding venue. The venue includes a wonderfully spacious and beautiful bridal suite for the bride to get ready. It also has a small vineyard, pond, tractor and truck props, beautiful green trees and plenty of space. This venue was designed with weddings and wedding photography in mind – right down to the smallest details. I’ve seen a great number of wedding venues in my day and this is one of my favorites. Peacock Farms is professional staffed for the entire wedding day to make sure your wedding day is the best it can be.  I simply can’t say enough good things about this wedding venue.

Not all brides are daring enough to let me leave their sight with their wedding dress in hand. However, Andie gave me a great amount of trust and allowed me to very carefully take her wedding dress outside so that I could shoot it hanging from this tree.  I think it was well worth the risk. Thanks Andie!

Details, details, details.  Personally I love all your wedding details.  As a general rule of thumb:  if you took the time and money to include them – their important enough for me to photograph.  Details are not the substance of your wedding day, but they certainly add to the fun, excitement and beauty of your wedding day!

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers

With the majority of the wedding details photographed, I moved on to the “getting ready shots”.

Paso Robles Wedding Photographers

Andie was quite the stunning bride!

Phillip was quite the handsome groom.

The stunning floral arrangements were provided by:  Flowers To You By Jessica.  Jessica provides some of the very best wedding flowers and floral arrangements in the business.  If you are looking for a wedding florist, you’ll want to give her a look.

Phillip (below) showing me he’s not having a case of nerves – his hands are not shaky!

It seems wedding cupcake arrangements (below) are becoming more and more popular.  They offer many advantages over wedding cakes. Of course it’s really just a matter of preference!

Check out another interesting post:  Eagle Castle Winery Weddings

Here comes Andie down the aisle with her father.

Capturing the emotion on your wedding day – whether it is the bride, groom, family member or wedding guest – is my reward as a wedding photographer.

After the ceremony we arranged for Phillip and Andie to rejoin the audience for one big group shot of everyone in attendance.

Everyone wanted to see the wedding ring!

Phillip and Andie were referred to me by one of my all time favorite wedding clients, Abel and Candice –  featured in the below photograph. What a wonderful couple they are.  A special thanks to them for recommending me to Phillip and Andie. Candice, by the way was pregnant at the time of this wedding. She has now gone on to give birth and so Abel and Candice are now proud parents. Congrats!   Below, Candice has fun taking a picture of the official picture taker (me)!  I love the look on Abel’s face as she does so!

These two girls (below/top/right) really “take the cake”.  Well actually, as you can see, they were about to “take the cake”. Fortunately I caught them in the act and then persuaded them to wait until the cake was served for everyone.  Just another “save the day” type deed –  that I so often do with out any recognition!   :  )

Featured below, the groom’s father! To say he was “off the hook” would be an understatement.  I do not think I have ever seen a father of the groom, let alone anyone, smile for so long un interrupted. This guy was smiling, dancing, you name it…ALL night long!  I could not help but smile from ear to ear as I watched his wonderful display of joy and laughter!

Phillip and Andie make their escape through the gauntlet (below)!

“Your chariot awaits you” – as the expression goes.  In this case it was:  “Your Caddy awaits you!”   Sweet ride!

A special thanks to Peacock Farms for their great wedding venue and fabulous service through out the day. The Central Coast is blessed to have you in the wedding industry.

A wonderful and blissful day of love and laughter for Phillip and Andie. My memories of their most special wedding day will live on for many, many years.  My hope and prayer for Philip and Andie is for that wonderful love and laughter of their day to live on in the sweetness that is the rest of their lives.  Congrats to you two and remember you always have a friend here – so stay in touch!



If you are looking for a great wedding venue – The Gardens At Peacock Farms is located at 2018 Los Berros Road  Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 (805) 431-0226.  I’m sure they would love to hear from you and make an appointment to show you around and tell you much more about all the great things their wedding venue has to offer.

Ricky and Caley’s Wedding is only two days away – so I am glad to be able to get this post up for them.  Talk about a great, fun and kind couple. Since the day we first spoke on the phone Ricky has acted like we were friends. Ricky, Caley and I spent the day together roaming through out San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach.  After a number of hours we were all starving and the couple took me to Mo’s BBQ and we all got our grub on.  Refueled and refreshed we headed back out on the streets to round things up with a night shoot.  It was a bit nippy, but Ricky and Caley had each other to keep warm! What a great couple.  The wedding will be at the Shore Cliff Lodge in Pismo Beach, followed by a reception at Giuseppe’s in Pismo Beach!

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